Andhra Bank E-Pass Book

                        Andhra Bank has launched a new IT enabled service (AB e-Passbook) to enable the account holders to maintain their pass book on their Android devices .It is more than a conventional pass book. The salient features of the service are as follows:

  1. Maintain passbook of multiple accounts
  2. Avail the facility without any request or visit to the Branch and be update with Account Info at any time wherever you are.
  3. Share details like account no, branch name, IFSC code etc through SMS/email to receive remittance to your account.
  4. Refer the bank to your friend via SMS/email.

How to use the application:

  1. Please install the application in the Android device.
  2. On installation, enter the mobile number registered for SMS alerts.
  3. The entered registered mobile number will receive an OTP. With this OTP create a PIN and start using the application. Mobile network need to be enabled for using the AB e-Passbook.
  4. Its useful to check our School Accounts Details 

Teachers Subject Mapping Process

ఏ teacher ఏ section ,ఏ subject deal చేస్తున్నాడో తెలియ చేయడమే దీని ఉద్దేశ్యం  website  లో login ను click చేయండి.

PASSWORD : Child info కు ఉపయేగించినదే.

పైన ఉన్న row లోని services ని click చేయండి.

click on teachers Subject mapping.

click on sections 
ఇక్కడ english medium ఉన్న చోట ప్రతి class రెండు sections ఉంటుంది.

click on students : class wise students వారు.ఏ.section display అవుతుంది. తెలుగు medium అయితే.A,Eng Med: B. ఇక్కడ తెలుగు,Eng medium wise students roll సరిపోతుందో లేదో చూడండి ఎక్కువ A SECTION క్రింద చూపించారు భవిష్యత్తు లో eng medium తక్కువగా ఉంటే rationalization problem రావొచ్చు.
Cse website లో student information ను click చేసీ student updating ను click చేసి ఏ student section ను మార్చాలనుకుంటారో అది update చేయండి.

click on teachers Subject mapping.

మన school teachers names display అవుతాయి.ఒక్కో teacher row ను click చేసి అతను deal చేస్తున్న class, subject ను select చేసి submit చేయండి..

 CSE Website For Subject Maping 

NPS-CPS Statement and Account Balance: How to Get E Mail Transaction Statement

NPS National Pension System:- Under NPS there are two types of accounts Tier I and Tier II while the Tier I account is Non withdraw able till the age of 60 years or retirement except in specific situations, the Tier II account is withdraw savings account. Subscribe to Tier II accounts can withdraw the Money whenever they want
NPS Provides both online and APP facilities for checking account balance and transaction statement

 NPS-CPS Statement and Account Balance: How to Check it Online

           NPS Provides Go Paperless option for an email Annual Transaction Statement. get your email annual transaction statement following these steps

1.Log on to

Enter Your PRAN Number
Add and Enter Below Captcha

3.Then Click on Submit

Now OTP sent to Registered Mobile Number.this type of Message received 
Your OTP for annual Transaction Statement is -----------. Note that the OTP will be valid for next 10 mins

3.Now generated your email Transaction Statement

Now your annual Transaction Statement on email has been successfully sent to your mail 

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