STMS Latest Android App Nadu Nedu Latest Android App 2.6.2

STMS Latest Android App Nadu Nedu Latest Android App
  మనబడి నాడు-నేడు 

(STMS) యాప్ అప్డేట్ అయినది. పాత యాప్ ను అన్ఇన్స్టాల్  కొత్త యాప్ ను ఇన్స్టాల్ చేసుకోండి.

మన బడి నాడు-నేడు  వెర్షన్ 2.5.5 అప్డేట్ చేయబడినది.

(పాత app ని పూర్తిగా UnInstall చేసిన తర్వాతే, కొత్త App వెర్షన్ 2.6.0  ని Install చేయాలి)

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AP SCERT CBA 2 FA 3 Syllabus

AP SCERT వారి 1st to 8th Class CBA 2 Exam Syllabus & 9,10th Classes FA3 Exam Official Syllabus క్రింది సైట్ లో కలదు

Download FA 3 Syllabus

గౌరవ ప్రిన్సిపల్ సెక్రెటరీ గారు పాఠశాలలు తనిఖీ సమయం లో ప్రతి స్కూల్ లో పరిశీలించదగిన రికార్డులు, , రిజిస్టర్లు మరియు ముఖ్యమైన ఇతర విషయాలు


• Classroom observation

• Completion of syllabus as per academic calendar

Assessment of Students standards

Grading of Students standards

Child wise analysis

•Conduct of weekly tests

• Classes in morning session practice in the afternoon session

Usage of proper TLM Adopting new techniques

• Identification of subject wise Slow Learners & special care and conduct of remedial classes

• Preparation of worksheets sheets by the teachers

Preparation of Observation sheets by the HMS

• Valuation of FA & SA papers, distribution of papers to students, informing the progress report to the parents & uploading of marks in online

• Explaining the papers after valuation and to see that to write the correct answers in the note book by the students 

Word to word correction

Correction of Notes, workbooks

Learn a word a Day

Baseline Assessment

Training Programmes of LIP, SALT, TARL

Usage of Dictionary

Remedial Teaching

• Adoption of Students

Usage of Digital Equipment Improvement of LSRW Skills among students

Project Works, Lab Activities, Library Usage

• Conduct of Innovative Programmes

We love reading 

• English Clubs

 Spoken English Classes

Subject Clubs programmes

Preparation of Lesson Plan, Year Plan, Diaries and other activities by the teachers

Fortnight review meetings with staff

Usage of Sneha Bala, Varadhi, Sadhana(Work Books) to the students for remedial teaching

• Preparedness of Students to various Examinations Le, NMMS, NTSE, Olympiads,Pradhamika, Madyama etc.,

• Participation of students in School Level, Mandal Level Essay, Elocution, Drawing and Quiz competitions etc., Visiting Officers have to observe the classroom practices in the school. Observe the live teaching in the classes. Record the details with regard to planning of lesson, relevancy and use of TLM/digital resources, method of teaching. participation of students, presentation techniques adopted, medium of teaching, subject proficiency of the teacher, interaction in the class, use of black/green: board; whether the teaching leading to achievement of the targeted learning outcomes; whether the students are able to read and understand the lessons on their own; whether the students are able to write independently, etc. Offer guidance to the teachers on the issues.

• Follow up visits by the DYEOS/MEOs/School Complex HMs

• Preparedness for SSC Public Examinations Complaint Box

• Distribution of JVK

Distribution of Text Books

• Conduct of Parents Meeting/PTA/PC

• Maintaining Library

Cleanliness of School Premises

• Entry of proper and relevant data in UDISE plus

•Providing Drinking Water Facility  

Daily Clearance of Consistent Rhythms

Timely attending on MBNN Works

Daily marking Teacher/Students attendance

•Maintenance of Registers

• Games/Sports & Cultural activities Budget releases & Expenditure.

Identification of OSC and mainstreaming

• Proper implementation of various Govt. Schemes Le., JAV, JVK, MBNN etc.,

Periodical Medical Checkups Yoga, Mass Drill & Physical Education Activities

Usage of Tabs with Byjus Content

Greenery of School


• Have to follow new menu: సోమవారం: "హాట్ పొంగల్ మరియు ఉడికించిన కోడి గుడ్డు / కూరగాయల పులావు, కోడిగుడ్డు కూర మరియు చిక్కి", మంగళవారం: "చింతపండు పులిహోర, దొండకాయ పచ్చడి మరియు ఉడికించిన కోడి గుడ్డు " బుధవారం: "కూరగాయల అన్నము, బంగాళదుంప కుర్మా, ఉడికించిన కోడి గుడ్డు మరియు చిక్కి ". గురువారం: "సాంబార్ బాత్ / నిమ్మకాయ పులిహోర, టమాటా పచ్చడి మరియు ఉడికించిన కోడి గుడ్డు " శుక్ర వారం: ఉడికించిన ఆకుకూర పప్పు, ఉడికించిన కోడి గుడ్డు మరియు చిక్కి", శని వారం: పప్పుచారు మరియు తీపి పొంగలి"

• Have to submit daily MDM attendance in Imms app • Have to submit HM - MDM inspection form in imms app daily

• Have to submit Toilet related photos in imms app • Have to submit CCHS &Ayah attendance in imms app

• Have to display 14417 tollfree number in the Schoo

• Have to display MDM new menu in the School

• Have to display MDM ingredients and quantity of items

• Have to maintain MDM Stock registers (Rice, Egg, Chikki etc.,)

• Have to procure rice from the dealer every month between 1st to 15th. • Have to procure only fortified Rice bags with the green color tag from dealer

Have to procure Eggs 4times a month from the supplier. Get only the Eggs with the Coloured Stamp. 1st week "Blue", 2nd week "Pink", 3rd week "Green" and 4th week "Purple". Have to submit stock in IMMS app.

• Have to procure Chikkis twice in a month from the supplier. Have to submit stock in IMMS immediately after receipt.

• ATR Pending Tickets relating to MDM & TMF shall be closed time to time in Imms app.

• Have to submit the details of TMF chemicals in IMMS App.

 • Toilets should be cleaned by the Ayahs daily with the provided chemicals.

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ఆంధ్ర టీచర్స్ వెబ్సైట్ నుండి తాజా సమాచారం ఎప్పటికప్పుడు పొందటానికి క్రింది వాట్స్అప్ గ్రూప్లో చేరండి

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