Learn A Word A Day August 2022 Schedule Rc.Spl

Learn a word a Day , Learn a Word a Day July Schefule School Education - SCERT, AP - Quality Initiatives -Implementation of an Innovative Program "Learn A Word A Day (22 days) in all schools under all managements from 05-07-2022 to 30-07-2022- Action plan communicated Regarding.

Read:- D'SCERT Procs.Rc.No. Spl.SCERT/2022, Dt:14/02/2022.

Learn A Word A Day July Schedule 01.08.22 to 30.08.2022 Rc.Spl


All the District Educational Officers in the state are aware that, a quality initiative "LEARN A WORD A DAY" toensure the best vocabulary in English among the students from classes 1 to 10 has been implemented during the academic year 2021-2022. With the same spirit and outcome of the program, it is proposed to continue for the ensuring academic year, as a part of this the implementation plan from 05.07.2022 to 30-07-2022 in 4 levels annexed herewith.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to communicate the action plan along with suggested guidelines to all teachers and headmasters of all schools under all managements with an instruction to implement the program "LEARN A WORD A DAY" across the state from 05-07-2022 to 30-07-2022 duly

following the guidelines scrupulously.

Encl: 1. Programme Implementation 

2. Annexures (I to IV)

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August 2022 Schedule

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