G.O.31 Aided 58 -60 Gap Period to Treat as Leave or EOL

School Education – Enactment of Act No.1 of 2015- Amendment to the Section 78-A of A.P. Education Act,- Raising of age of superannuation of teaching and non-teaching staff working in aided Private Educational Institutions from 58 to 60 years - Settlement of interregnum periodOrders -Issued
  1. The Section-78 A of A.P.Education Act,1982 has been amended through the reference read above. Accordingly, the age for superannuation of teaching and non-teaching staff working in aided private Educational institutions has been raised from 58 years to 60 years. The Act 1 of 2015 comes into force from the date of publication in the Gazette i.e from 3rd January 2015. As per proviso incorporated through above amendment, the interregnum period i.e from the 2nd June 2014 to the date of publication of the A.P. Education (Amendment) Act, 2014, should be treated in such manner, as may be prescribed.
  2. Accordingly, after careful examination of the entire matter, Government have decided and hereby order to treat the interregnum period i.e from 02.06.2014 to 02.01.2015 as leave to which employee is eligible, and in case no leave is due, the period be treated as Extra-Ordinary Leave.
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