Sankalpam Teams Observation Items

1. School particulars- Observations
  1. Most of the schools conducting school assembly as a manner of Academic Calendar Vandematharam, Maa Telugu Talli pledge-Proverb-Poem-Todays, New National Anthem in the presence of Teacher.
  2. 50% Schools of maintaining cleaning school and class room
  3. 75% of visiting schools are comes under B + grade
  4. Radio Lessons maintaining 90% of school
  5. Uniforms, NT Books were distributed by most of the schools
  6. SMC Meeting conducted in by monthly
  7. Utilize the community participation (Note Books-Pens-Pencils-Tie Belts-ID cards-MDM Plate) only 15 % of schools in academic achievements

  1. Teacher sand pupils participates is poor in conducting school Assembly.
  2. Not maintaining all mannerisms in conducting school assembly
  3. 50% of schools not maintaining cleanliness of schools
  4. Uniforms and NT Books were Distributed
  5. Some School not maintained acquittance
  6. SMC Meetings conducted were very a few SMC Members are attending
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