Rc.No:06 Dt:10.12.16 Queries from different districts regarding test administration - Cerclarifications

Present: Prof. M.V Rajyalakshmi
Progs.RC.No.06/C/C&T/3Rs.II/SCERT/2016                                                         dated: 10.12.2016
Sub: Elementary Education – PEMANDU lab initiatives – Conduct of 3Rs assessment survey in Primary Schools in A.P – Queries from different districts regarding test administration - Cerclarifications tain issued - Reg.
Ref: 1. Progs.RC.No.06/C/C&T/3Rs.II/SCERT/2016 of this office dt: 02.12.2016
2. Progs.RC.No.06/C/C&T/3Rs.II/SCERT/2016 of this office dt: 07.12.2016
3. Queries over phone by District level Officers of School Education Dept., Master Trainers, Teachers from 06.12.2016 to 09.12.2016
The kind attention of all the District Educational Officers and all the District level officers of School Education Dept is invited to the subject read above wherein certain clarifications are issued through these proceedings, in response to the queries from different personnel across the state over phone mentioned in the reference 3 read above, regarding SLAS and 3Rs test administration.

1.       Regarding the collection of OMRs and Question papers of class 4 students in sample schools:
The evaluators should pack question papers and OMRs in separately and submit to MRCs. MEOs should ensure proper labeling of packs with school names/codes. The collected OMR bundles and question paper bundles should be sent to DCEB Secretaries. DCEB Secretaries soon after collection of bundles from MEOs should parcel them by 17.12.2016 in the following manner.
a.       OMR packs of 80 sample schools to the vendor (Vendor’s address will be e-mailed to DCEB secretaries)
b.      Question paper bundles to SCERT, 2nd floor, B-bock, Anjaneya Towers, Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada.
2.       Regarding the evaluation of SLAS test:
There is no evaluation of SLAS TEST papers in sampling as well as in non-sampling (census) schools. However, Teachers should be instructed to post the students’ responses in the table given below the students’ information sheet in the question paper, as per the instructions given in the same page, for the data entry convenience of AP online services. Likewise the evaluators of sample schools should also be instructed to do so for class V students in SLAS. It is requested to communicate the above clarification to the field before the Mandal Level Trainings take place on 13.12.2016.
3.       Students’ and Teachers attendance monitoring:
Utilize the services of CRPs to obtain the attendance status of students as well as teachers of all P.S and UPS schools in all types of managements for consolidation and reporting to the DSE, SCERT and SSA on the days of assessment survey.

Sd/ M.V Rajyalakshmi
All the District Educational Officers in A.P
Copy to the all the DIET Principals in A.P
Copy to all the Project Officers SSA in A.P
Copy to all the DCEB secretaries in A.P
Copy submitted to Commissioner of School Education, A.P for information
Copy submitted to the State Project Director, SSA, A.P for information

 Rc.No:06 Dt:10.12.16 Queries from different districts regarding test administration - Cerclarifications

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