Vindam Nerchukundam Radio Programme /IRI Lessons Instructuions Rc 2472

Present: Sri G. Srinivas, I.A.S.,

Rc.No.2472 /APSSA/IE/A11/2016                                                                         Date: 11 -09.2018

 Sub:- APSSA-Amarava -Distance Educa on Ac vi es – Broadcasting of “vindam Nerchukundam”                   Radio Programme/IRI lessons from 15.09.2018 to 31.03.2019 –Orders issued- Reg.

Ref:- Contract agreement between State Project Director & ProgrammeExecutive – marketing                     Division, All India Radio & Doordarshan,Hyderabad,Dt:-15.09.2018.


                 All the Project Officers are hereby informed that, the “vindam Nerchukundam” Radio
Programme/ IRI Lessons for Primary classes are Scheduled to broadcast from 15.09.2018 to 31.03.2019.

                   Therefore they are requested to give wide publicity, take necessary ac on and issue
the following instruc ons to all the Head masters of schools/ Mandal Educa onal Officers
in the district to make necessary arrangements for the u liza on for the benefit of the
students and maintain register.

          Further they are requested to take following necessary action.

1. Download the Radio Schedule, print and supply the Radio Schedule to all the Head
Masters of the Schools concerned with instruction to follow the guidelines and Schedule.
2. Issue instructions to all the Head Masters of the schools concerned to keep the radio in
working condition and make necessary arrangements for listening of the program.The
Expenditure is to be met from the State SSA Budget for the year 2018-19.
3. If the Radio is not available in the schools, it should be purchased immediately or if not
in working condition may get it repaired by meeting the expenditure from the school
4. To identify two teachers in the district (one from Primary school from upper primary
School) to listen and monitor the broadcasting of Radio lessons daily and submit the
feedback in the Proforma to the Project Office. Inturn the Project Officer should submit
the same to the State Project Director and also contact the authorities of AIR Station
concerned, if any transmission problem arised (list enclosed).
5. Issue the instructions to the Sectoral Officers/ Mandal Education
Officers/CRPs/SRGs/DLMTs to observe whether the HeadMaster/ Teachers are making necessary arrangements to listen the Radio Lessons to the students, whenever they visit the schools and furnish the information in feedback Proforma to the Project Officers.
6. Constitute the District Level teams consisting with one (1) Sectoral officer/SRG member
/IRI teacher /DLMT/CRPs to visit at least (5) Primary Schools in a month to observe the
implementation of Radio Programmes and obtain the feedback and submit to this office
and upload in SSA Website if internet facility available.

Radio Lessons Instrcutions

Encl: As above
                                                                                                                      State Project Director
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