Swatchhta Pakhwada from 1st to 15th Sep 2019

Swatchhta Pakhwada from 1st to 15th Sep 2019 in Schools  detailed day wise schedule below here...

Day wise Schedule:

1.Swachhata Shapath Day (1.09.19 to 2.9.2019)- (sunday and Monday)
2.Swachhata Awareness Day (3.9.2018)- (Tuesday) outreach (4.9.2019 to 5.9.2019)- (Wednesday - Thursday)
4.Green School Drive -(6.9.2019)- (Friday)
5.Swac hhata Particip atio n D ay (7 .9.2O19) - (Saturday)
6.Hand Wash Day(8.9.2018 to 9.9.2019)- (Sunday to Monday)
7.Personal Hygiene Day (10.9.2019)- (Tuesday )
8.Swachhata Hi Seva (SHS) Day (11.9.2018)- (Wednesday)
9.Swachhata School Exhibition Day (12.9.2019)- (Thursday)
10.Swachhata Action Day (13.09.2019)- (Friday)
11.Letter Writing Day(14.9.2O18 to 15.9.2019)- (Saturday to Sunday)

Download Day Wise Swatchhata Pakwada Schedule
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