Fake message is going around on social media on Corona virus

Fake message is going around on social media claiming that  legal action would be taken against admin and group members who post jokes on Coronavirus , hence group admin should close the group for 2 days.

This is Fake! No such order has been issued by the Government

2.Fake News Alert !

Messages circulating on Social Media reading 'WhatsApp info regarding √ tick marks' is FAKE.

PIBFactCheck : No! The Government is doing no such thing. The message is FAKE.

Beware of rumours!
No, the government cannot read any personal conversation on WhatsApp.In fact, let alone government, no third parties have access to any WhatsApp chat or call. Every message and call on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted and not even the company itself can read or listen to your conversations.


Only the following cases are possible on WhatsApp:

*A single tick indicates a message has been successfully sent.

*Double ticks indicate the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient's phone.

*Two blue ticks indicate the recipient has read your message (only if 'Read Receipts' feature is enabled).
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