Revalidation of Ineligible case of Six Step Validation under NAVSAKAM

 Revalidation of Ineligible case of Six Step Validation under NAVSAKAM

During the NAVASAKAM programme conducted the following categories are found ineligible under Six Step validation / Field verification

ప్రభుత్వ ఉద్యోగులను వారి తల్లిదండ్రుల రేషన్ కార్డు లో నుండి తొలగించుటకు SPLIT  ఆప్షన్ ఇవ్వబడింది.


In casec of Married

Steps to Appel

1. One of the Family members of ineligible rice card has to approach the nearest GS/WS.

2. Submits the Aadhaar copies of all family members along with Rice Card application.

3. Upon entry of ineligible member Aadhaar card number, all the family member’s data will be shown.

4. In this screen, the family status of previous and present Six Step Validation will be shown.

5. If the family found eligible in the present Six Step Validation status, application will be processed for issue of new Rice Card.

6. But in some cases, if the family is still covered under Six Step Validation for any other reason, the application has to process again for Six Step validation and further process of field verification.

7. In this screen there will be option for split of existing members in the card.

8. The applicant can select the members for which family split (Family 1 & Family 2) have to be mapped.

9. On selection of family members to family 1 or family 2 the application will be further processed.

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