30 days Certificate Course in English Language Training (CELT) in residential mode at RIE, Bangalore

School Education SCERT. AP - 30 days Certificate Course in English Language Training (CELT) in residential mode at RIE, Bangalore for Primary School Teachers from 16.02.2023 to 14.03.2023 Regarding.


1.RIE/TRG/CELT/PRY-CRS-3/AP-TG-KT/2022-2023. Dt:10.01.2023. 

2. The Annual Plan approved by the Chairperson, Board of Governors in the meeting held on 18.02.2022.

All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and all the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that the Regional Institute of English, South India, (RIESI) Jnanabharathi Campus, Bangalore conducts 30-day Certificate Course in English Language Teaching (CELT) for Primary School Teachers from 16.02.2023 to 14.03.2023.

They are further informed that the details of the course offered by the RIE and list of identified participants to attend the training programme at RIE, Bangalore are shown in the Annexures. They are also informed that:

1. TA will not be paid by RIESI. The State Department shall arrange travel allowance to participants from work place to RIESI and in return.

2. The teachers shall submit their T.A forms for To & Fro journey to the State Nodal Officer. T.A shall be paid to the teachers by State Education Department.

3. Trainee allowance of Rs.200/- per day will be adjusted towards the food, contingent expenditure, course material and maintenance by RIESI.

Therefore, all the District Educational officers in the State are hereby instructed to relieve the identified Primary School Teachers as per Annexure-3 enclosed and depute them to RIESI, Bangalore to attend the English Language Training programme scheduled to be held from 16.02.2023 to 14.03.2023. For further queries, they may contact State Coordinator, Prof.Y.Giribabu Yadav, SCERT A.P. Cell.No. 9848147904.


Annexure-1 Course Details 

Annexure -2 Route Details

Annexure-3 List of Participants

Proceeding Copy

Participants List

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