DDO Declaration for Income Tax 2022 -23


The Sub Treasury Officer, Sub-Treasury Office,

Subject: - Submission of Income Tax Details & Proof of savings for the Financial Year 2022-2023 of the employees for whom salary is drawn in February-2023 month Bill.


do hereby submitting the Income Tax details and Proofs of savings for the Financial year 2022-2023 of the employees for whom salary is drawn in the month of February-2023 bill duly Signed with the following Certification. I. I satisfied about the actual deposits/subscriptions/payments/ deductions made by the employee(s) who are under control me, by calling for such particulars/ information as deem necessary before allowing the aforesaid deductions.

2. Certified that the Income Tax of the employees for whom salary is drawn in this bill (February-2023 month) has been recovered who comes under Income Tax purview.

3. certified that the Income Tax particulars of all employees furnished are verified and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

4. certified that if any deviation in the income or due to erroneous income tax assessment is noticed at a later date such employee(s) is/are the responsible to Income Tax Department, Govt. of India, for the information pertaining to their income tax assessment,

DDO Declaration

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