Vocational Education Instructions on implementataion of Vocational Education Exposure in 6-8 classes Rc.21024

Samagra Shiksha - Vocational Education Instructions on implementataion of Vocational Education Exposure in 6-8 classes - Instructions Issued -Reg 

Ref:-Lr.F.No.6-212023JS-12,Dated:28.04.2023 of the under Secretary to Govt. of India, MOE, Dept of SE&L, New Delhi (PAB Minutes for 2023-24)

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 heralds the potentially explosive growth of vocational education and emphasizes the importance to build skill based education among children from an early age. Skill education is introduced under Samagra Shiksha at 9th standard. There is a need to prepare students for taking up vocational education with interest to different streams and to understand the world of work.


Exposure to Vocational Education will help students to: GSR INFO www.gamat.

Identify the productive activities, plan and organize productive work:

• Identify the tools, equipment and material, used in the production of goods and services;

• Develop basic skills to observe, manipulate and participate in work practice; 

 To Train socially desirable values, such as cooperativeness teamwork, perseverance, tolerance, etc.

• Develop respect for manual work (dignity of labour) and regard for workers

 • Prepare students for Vocational Courses in 9 th -12 th Classes

Guidelines (School Level): 

• Setting Up Skill Corners in Schools operated by science/ Maths Teacher

• Activities must be implements as per the SCERT Academic Calendar, 

 Guest Lecture for Various Vocational Subject Orientations.

Soft skills covered by existing teacher/ coordinator. Outcomes:-

1. Students are aware about different available Vocational Streams ii. Students develop dignity of labour, gender equity and professional values

iii. Students get broader understanding of technical and practical skills, tools and equipment required under different vocations. iv. Students develop meaning and interest in education and productive work.

v. Student realizing their interest and potential for particular skills & innovation

vi. Students are encouraged to take up vocational education for higher studies and employment.

vii.Schools and teachers are prepared to integrate skill education in mainstream Education.

The Vocational Education (Class 6-8) i.e. Upper primary students like to visit of Upper Primary students to nearby Industry / unit, Interactive sessions / Lectures and workshops by local artisans, craftsmen on local skills / local crafts and field visits& activities must be implements as per the SCERT Academic Calendar.

All the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio Project Coordinators and the Additional Project Coordinators of the Samagra Shiksha in the state are informed that Field Visits are to be conducted at nearby ITIS. Agricultural lands, Local Industries Firms and Guest Lectures should be conducted by Local Artisans for the classes 6th to 8th and activities prescribed in the SCERT academic calendar and also requested to give instructions to all the Principals/HMs in your district to start the Exposure to Vocational Education program for 6th to 8th Class students from 25-10- 2023 by conduct Filed visits, Guest lectures and activities prescribed in the SCERT academic calendar in the part of Exposure to Vocational Education.

This should be treated as MOST IMPORTANT

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Schools List of Vocational Education Exposure in 6 - 8 classes

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