The Invigilators shall report to the concerned O/o. Tahsildar / Mandal Parishad Development Officer as

informed in the order and at the time communicated by District Collector two days prior to the date of examination to know their Examination Centre and then proceed to report to the Chief Superintendent at 02.00 p.m. on the day before the date of examination at the Examination Centre and receive training / instructions. 

2. The Invigilators shall report to the Chief Superintendent at 7.00 A.M i.e., on the day of examination. 

3. Assist the Chief Superintendent of the exam centre in checking the candidates and removing forbidden material, if any, before their entering into the exam Hall. 

4. On the date of examination, the Chief Superintendent opens question paper bundles in the presence of all Hall Superintendents at 9.40 AM / 2.10 PM and handovers the question paper bundles to Hall Superintendents. The Hall Superintendents will, in turn, hand over to the invigilators at 9.50 AM / 2.20 PM. The invigilator opens the Question Paper bundles at 9.55 AM / 2.25 PM in the examination hall in the presence of candidates and then distributes according to the seating layout. 

5. Invigilator will be responsible for distribution of OMR Answer Sheets at 09.45 A.M/02.15PM. (at the stroke of 1st Bell) and collection of unused Answer Sheets and unused Question Booklets by 10.15 A.M/02.45 PM 

6. In case any candidate brings to the notice of the Invigilator that the Pre-printed OMR Answer Sheet is either spoilt or torn or not properly printed (other than candidate details) then the matter may be taken to the notice of the Chief Superintendent and get a Buffer OMR issued as replacement immediately.

Hall Superndent Duties

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