Jagananna Gorumuddha Providing of Ragi Jawa to students on Non Peanut Jaggery Chikki days - Instructions

School Education - Midday Meals - Jagananna Gorumuddha Providing of Ragi Jawa to students on Non Peanut Jaggery Chikki days - Instructions-Issued-Regarding.

Memo No.1963897/MDM&SS/2022

Ref:- G.O.Rt.No.38 School Education (Prog-1) Dept.,Dated. 10-03-2023

All the District Education Officers in the State are informed that, the Government have brought many radical changes in the menu of Jagananna Gorumuddha by providing day wise Menu, apart from providing Eggs for 5 days in a week and Peanut Jaggery Chikki for 3 days in a week. Now Government have decided to provide "Ragi Java" to all students as an additional nutrition for 3 days in a week on non-Chikki days l.e., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Sri Satya Sai Central Trust voluntarily expressed willingness to provide Ragi flour and Jaggery powder for preparing Ragi Java to district points. The

Civil Supplies department will supply from district points to school points.Ragi Java is added to address the issue of anemia deficiency among the students at a cost of Rs.86-00 Crores. Ragi Java is prepared with ingredients of 10 grams of Ragi flour and 10 grams of Jaggery powder cooked in 150 ml of hot water for each student., Ragi Java contains nutritive values of Iron, calcium etc., which will be beneficial to students. A copy of the G.O. is communicated herewith for ready reference.

All the District Educational Officers are further informed that, the programme is scheduled to be launched by Hon'ble Chief Minister at 11-00 AM on 21-03-2023, Tuesday.

(a)All District Educational Officers are instructed to arrange provide Ragi Java to all students in all schools on 21-03-2023 after launch of the programme by Hon'ble Chief Minister.

(b) From Thursday 23-03-2023 onwards Ragi Java should be provided at 08-45 AM to students in all schools on non Chikki days i.e., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The above instructions shall be followed scrupulously.

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