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 Level: 1

Classes: 1, 2

Date: 21.03.2023

Artist (కళాకారుడు)

Spelling: ARTIST

Meaning: a person who creates paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby. Other forms: Artist (Singular Noun); Artists (Plural Noun)

Phonetic Script: / 'a:(r)tist /


1. Savithri is a great artist. 

2. She wants to become an artist.

3. There is an artist in our street. 

4. The artist sketched the paint.

Classes 3,4,5

Mimic (అనుకర్త / పరిహసకుడు)



Meaning: a person skilled in imitating the voice or actions of others in an entertaining way.

Phonetic Script:/'MIMIK/

Other forms: Mimic (Noun) Mimicry (Noun)

Mimic - Mimicked - Mimicked (Verb)


1. He could mimic anybody.

2. He could mimic all the teachers' accent.

3. The parrot is an amazing mimic.

4. He has a great ability as a mimic.

6,7,8 Classes

Barber (కురకుడు)



Meaning: a person who cuts men's hair and shaves or trims beards as an occupation.

Phonetic Script: /ba:(r)bǝ(r)//

Other forms: Barber (Singular Noun);

Barberss (Plural Noun)


1. The barber cut his hair.

2. He went to the barber shop.

3. The barber cut his hair very short.

4. Is there any barber shop nearby?

Classes 9,10

Career (వృత్తి / జీవన ప్రగతి)

Spelling: CAREER

Meaning: a job for which you are trained and in which it is possible to advance during your working life, so that you get greater responsibility and earn....

Phonetic Script:/ka'riǝ/

Other forms: Career (Noun)

Careers (Plural Noun)


1. She left college to pursue an acting career.

2. Teaching was my chosen career.

3. His acting career has been very successful.

4. He started his career in advertising.

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