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 The Boy Who Cried Wolf

   - Once, there was a boy who watched over the village sheep grazing on the hillside. To entertain himself, he sang out, "Wolf! Wolf! The wolf is chasing the sheep!" The villagers ran up the hill to drive the wolf away, but there was no wolf. The boy found this amusing.

   - Later, he cried out again, and the villagers came running once more. But again, there was no wolf. Finally, when a real wolf appeared, the boy cried out desperately, but the villagers didn't believe him. The moral: Lying breaks trust, and no one believes a liar, even when they tell the truth

ఒకసారి, కొండపైన మేస్తున్న గ్రామ గొర్రెలను గమనించే ఒక బాలుడు ఉన్నాడు. వినోదం కోసం, అతను "తోడేలు! తోడేలు! తోడేలు గొర్రెలను వెంటాడుతోంది!" తోడేలును తరిమికొట్టేందుకు గ్రామస్తులు కొండపైకి పరుగులు తీశారు, కానీ తోడేలు కనిపించలేదు. బాలుడికి ఇది సరదాగా అనిపించింది.

   - తరువాత, అతను మళ్ళీ అరిచాడు, మరియు గ్రామస్థులు మరోసారి పరిగెత్తారు. కానీ మళ్ళీ, తోడేలు లేదు. చివరగా, నిజమైన తోడేలు కనిపించినప్పుడు, బాలుడు నిర్విరామంగా అరిచాడు, కానీ గ్రామస్థులు అతనిని నమ్మలేదు. 

నైతికత: అబద్ధం నమ్మకాన్ని విచ్ఛిన్నం చేస్తుంది మరియు వారు నిజం చెప్పినప్పటికీ ఎవరూ అబద్ధాలను నమ్మరు

The Lion and the Mouse

   - Once upon a time, in a lush green forest, there lived a mighty lion. He was the king of all the animals and was feared by many because of his strength and power. One day, while the lion was taking a nap under a shady tree, a tiny mouse accidentally ran over his paw. The lion woke up with a start and caught the mouse with his huge paw.

   - The mouse pleaded earnestly, "Please, Mr. Lion, spare my life! I'm just a small mouse; I mean you no harm." The lion smirked and replied, "How dare you disturb my rest? I should eat you right away!" But the mouse pleaded, "Oh, the mighty lion, please show mercy! Someday, I might be able to help you too."

   - Sometime later, the lion found himself trapped in a hunter's net. Roaring in distress, he struggled to break free, but it was useless. Hearing the lion's cries, the little mouse rushed to the scene. Its sharp teeth gnawed through the net's ropes, setting the lion free. The lion realized that even the smallest creatures can be of great help. He befriended the mouse and promised to protect it forever.

 Moral Kindness is never wasted 

The Reward of Kindness:

   - On a hot day, a lion was resting in the shade of a tree. A small mouse lived in a nearby hole. Unfortunately, the mouse rolled over the lion's body. The lion was angry and caught the mouse. The mouse pleaded, "I never wanted to bother you. Please say 'Excuse me.' I might be able to help you in the future."

   - The lion laughed but let the mouse go. Later, the lion got trapped in a net. The mouse heard the lion's cries and quickly gnawed through the net, setting the lion free. The lion learned that kindness has its rewards.

  Moral: As you sow, so shall you reap

3.Two Friends and the Bear:

   - Two friends were crossing a forest when they saw a bear approaching. One friend quickly climbed a nearby tree, but the other didn't know how to climb. He lay down on the ground, holding his breath. The bear approached him and smelled him in the ear. After some time, the bear left, thinking the man was dead.

   - The other friend asked, "What did the bear say in your ear?" The first friend replied, "To be safe from fake friends."

   Moral: Beware of fake friends

4. The Fox and the Crane:

   - In a forest, a fox and a stork lived. The fox was clever and invited the stork to dinner. He served soup on a shallow plate, which the stork couldn't eat. Later, the stork invited the fox for dinner and served fish in a narrow-necked jar. The fox couldn't eat anything.

   Moral : Tit For Tat

Feel free to share these stories with young students—they're not only entertaining but also carry valuable life lessons!

1-3 class

6-10 Class Maths

Conversation Starters for Kids 

What do you like to do when it’s raining outside? 

Who is the nicest person you know? 

What do you like most about your mom/dad/brother/sister? 

If you could make up a holiday, what would you call it, and what would it celebrate?

Do you think it’s better to be funny or smart? How come? 

If you could rename yourself, what name would you choose? How come? 

What kind of person do you imagine when you hear the name Bertha? What about the name Amadeus? 

If you could live in a cartoon, what cartoon would you choose? Would you be yourself, or would you want to be one of the characters already in the cartoon? 

What do you think about the clothing styles today? 

What was the best present given to you? 

What is the hardest thing to do? 

What makes you angry? 

What happens during a day at work? 

Do you think it’s more important: to make a lot of money or to be happy at work? 

What do you think a rich person looks like? 

What do you do with your allowance? 

What is the most challenging job? 

What would you do with $100? 

What takes only a little space in your life but means a lot to you?

If you could change the color of the sky, what color would you choose?

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