We Love Reading Summer Activities

We Love Reading Summer Activities we love reading Activities Summer Activities Summer activities action plan we love reading action plan Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Activities We love reading activities

We Love Reading - Detailed Action Plan

We Love Reading Programme (WLRP) aims to transform all students from non-readers to fluent readers with complete comprehension by encouraging them to read library books during the summer vacation. The said programme will be scheduled from 01-05-2024 to 10-06-2024.

All the students are informed to bring books from the school library to read those books during summer holidays, after reading the books they may be exchanged those books with their friends.Detailed Action plan guidelines, list of activities and competitions are given below for the effective conduct of the We Love Reading program:

• All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers should instruct all the Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Education Officers to conduct meetings with Headmasters of all schools in their respective Divisions and Mandals to discuss the implementation of 'We Love Reading' summer activities.

• The Mandal Educational Officers have to come up with innovative strategies for implementation of the program in their respective Mandals.

The Headmasters shall conduct a meeting with staff members and prepare a clear Action Plan by utilizing the library resources available in the school.

• Teachers shall adopt students equally and create WhattsApp groupswith the adopted students

• Divide library books class-wise and display the books in the library.

• Distribute five to ten books to each student based on their readingability. Maintain a book distribution register.

• Encourage students to read library books during summer holidays, even during holiday trips.

• Ask students to read the stories aloud for their parents and elders.

• The Whats App group lead teacher shall post a story daily in the group and encourage students to read the story, comment and sharetheir own stories.

• Ask the students to exchange story books from their classmates.

• Ask students to visit nearby public library and get books from thelibrary to read at their homes.While reading library books students may perform the following activities.

1. Me and my book: After reading the book, everyone has to write their opinion on that book. Like own ideas and feelings about the characters, situations, pictures regarding the book.

2. Books in the Shelf: Visit Friends and relatives houses. Try to list out the names of the books found with their friends and relatives. Discuss on those books and note down the significance.

3. Picture Gallery: Collect old newspapers/ magazines and cut pictures which are most likable. Paste those pictures in a notebook. It is the picture gallery.

4. The Stories of My Friends: Form a group with their friends/classmates. Discus the stories read, then write those stories on their own words in a notebook.

5. My Story Bank: Collect stories from the news papers or magazines. Cut those pages and paste it in a notebook. This will become their story bank.

6. Picture Story: Select any pictures from the newspapers or magazines and write a story based on picture.

7. My Book: Make their own book with their writings and drawings, display the book on the reopening day performing activities.

8. Reading together: Select the book of their own interest where a group of people sit together (peer/ family members/siblings) and read a story which helps in discussion, that could lead to new idea, imagination and create their own story out of the characters. After the school reopens, they can bring their stories and their reading together activity can be shared in the Whats App group.


We Love Reading summer competition will be conducted for students inthree levels.

Level 1:

Class 3 to Class 5 students are eligible for this competition. Story Reading Competition: Student of this level may select any story. Read, record it with their mobile phones and upload the story video in the provided google form link.

Level 2:

Class 6 to Class 8 students are eligible for these competitions Story Reading Competition: Same instructions apply as mentioned in Level 1 Story Writing Competition: Students of this level may write any storyon their own and upload the scanned copy or soft copy of the story in the provided google form link.

Level 3:

Class 9 to Class 12 students and D.Ed. students are eligible for these competitions.Story Writing Competition: Follow the same instructions as mentionedin the Level 2 Story Writing Competition. Review Writing Competition: Students may write a review on a story or book they have read and upload review report to in the provided google form link.

My Personal Library- Selfie Competition: Students studying Classes 9 to 12 are eligible for this competition. They are to list out the books thatthey have in their home for reading, take a selfie with their personal library and upload in the provided google form link.

Drawing Competition: Students studying Classes 3 to 12 are eligible for drawing competitions. Drawings should be on the A4 size drawing paper and upload the image in the provided google form link.

Competitions for Teachers and Teacher Educators:

All the teachers working in Primary, Upper Primary and High School as well as teacher educators working in DIETs are eligible for this competition.

Book Review Competition: Select any education related classic literature book, write a review report on it and upload the soft copy of the review report in the provided google form link.

The Director, SCERT will conduct online orientation for the Teachers, Headmasters and other Stake Holders to create awareness for the effective conduct of We Love Reading summer program. He is requested to ensure smooth conduct of the program.

Moral Story:

Once upon a time, in a quaint little village nestled among rolling hills, there lived a curious young girl named **Lila**. Lila had a wild imagination and loved to explore the forests surrounding her home. She believed that magical creatures inhabited the ancient trees and whispered secrets to those who listened carefully.

One sunny morning, Lila set off on an adventure. She wore her favorite red cloak, just like the one her grandmother had given her. "Be back before sunset," her mother called after her, waving from the doorstep.

Lila followed a narrow path into the heart of the forest. The tall trees formed a natural canopy, and sunlight filtered through the leaves, creating dappled patterns on the ground. Birds chirped, and the air smelled of pine and earth.

As she walked, Lila noticed a peculiar tree. Its bark was silver-gray, and its leaves shimmered like emerald jewels. "This must be the magical tree," Lila thought. She pressed her ear against the trunk, hoping to hear its secrets.

To her surprise, the tree spoke. "Greetings, young adventurer," it said in a melodic voice. "I am **Silvandra**, the guardian of the forest. What brings you here?"

Lila's eyes widened. "I seek stories," she replied. "Tell me about the creatures that live here—the fairies, the talking animals, and the hidden treasures."

Silvandra chuckled. "Ah, you have a curious heart, Lila. Very well, I shall share a tale."And so, Silvandra began:

"Long ago, when the moon was full, the forest came alive. Fairies danced on moonbeams, their wings sparkling with stardust. They guarded ancient secrets—the location of hidden waterfalls, the recipe for moonberry pie, and the spell to make flowers bloom in winter."

Lila listened intently, her imagination painting vivid pictures. She imagined tiny fairies flitting among the ferns, their laughter echoing through the forest.

"But beware," Silvandra continued. "Not all creatures are friendly. The mischievous **Glimmergoblins** love to play tricks on unsuspecting travelers. They tie shoelaces together, turn acorns into skipping stones, and hide keys just when you need them."

Lila giggled. "I'd like to meet a Glimmergoblin someday."

"Be careful what you wish for," Silvandra warned. "They can be quite mischievous."

As the sun dipped lower in the sky, Lila thanked Silvandra for the enchanting tale. "I'll visit you again," she promised, patting the silver-gray bark.

And so, Lila returned home, her heart brimming with wonder. She shared Silvandra's story with her family, and they laughed and marveled at the magical forest.

From that day on, Lila visited Silvandra often. She learned more tales—the legend of the **Moonstone Pond**, the song of the **Whispering Willow**, and the riddles of the **Wise Owl**.

And so, dear reader, if you ever find yourself wandering through a sun-dappled forest, keep your ears open. You might hear the rustle of wings, the laughter of fairies, or the mischievous whispers of Glimmergoblins. But remember, it's the curious hearts like Lila's that discover the true magic hidden within the trees.

తెలివైన మనిషి

ఓ ఊరిలో ఉండే ప్రజలు ఓ తెలివైన వ్యక్తి దగ్గరికి తమ సమస్యలను చెప్పుకునేందుకు వచ్చేవారు. సమస్యలకు పరిష్కారం లభిస్తుందేమో అనే ఆశతో ఆ తెలివైన వ్యక్తి దగ్గరకు వచ్చేవారు. ప్రతి రోజు ఒకే సమస్యను ఆయన ముందుంచేవారు. ఒకరోజు ఆ తెలివైన వ్యక్తి సమస్యలు విన్నవించుకునేందుకు వచ్చిన వారికి ఒక జోక్ చెప్పాడు. అంతా గట్టిగా పగలబడి నవ్వారు. కొన్ని నిమిషాల తర్వాత మళ్లీ అదే జోక్‌ను చెప్పాడు. దీంతో అక్కడ కొంతమంది మాత్రమే మళ్లీ నవ్వారు. ముచ్చటగా మూడో సారి అదే జోక్ చెప్పాడు. అయితే ఈ సారి మాత్రం ఎవ్వరూ నవ్వలేదు. అప్పుడు చిన్నగా నవ్వి ఆ తెలివైన వ్యక్తి ఇలా అన్నాడు. 'ఒకే జోక్‌కు మళ్లీ మళ్లీ నవ్వలేరు.అలాంటప్పుడు ఒకే సమస్యను పదేపదే ఎందుకు ప్రస్తావిస్తున్నారు' అని ప్రశ్నించాడు.

ఈ కథలోని నీతి: సమస్యపై చింత చేయడం వల్ల అది పరిష్కారం కాదు.. కేవలం సమయం, శక్తి మాత్రమే వృథా అవుతుంది.

వేసవి సెలవులు గుర్తుండిపోయేలా.. కొత్తగా ఇలా చేసేద్దామా?

ఈ వేసవి సెలవుల సమయాన్ని వినోదం, విజ్ఞానం మేళవింపుతో ఎప్పటికీ గుర్తుండిపోయేలా కొత్తగా ఏం చేయొచ్చో ఆలోచించండి:

- పిల్లలకు సైన్స్ ప్రయోగాలను సరదాగా ఉండటంతో పాటు నేర్చుకోవడానికి చాలా ఉంటుంది.

- పోషకాహారం గురించి పిల్లలకు అవగాహన కల్పించడానికి వంట, బేకింగ్ వంటి కార్యకలాపాల్లో భాగం చేయవచ్చు.

- సుడోకు వంటి ఆటలు, క్రాస్ వర్డ్స్, జిగ్సా పజిల్స్ ప్రయత్నించవచ్చు.

- పిల్లలకు ఇష్టపడే పుస్తకాలు, వేసవి పఠన కార్యక్రమాల్లో పిల్లలకు చేర్చవచ్చు.

- మ్యూజిక్ క్లాసుల్లో చేర్చవచ్చు.

- కొత్త ఆటలు నేర్పించవచ్చు.

- కొత్త భాషా నైపుణ్య తరగతుల్లో చేర్చవచ్చు.

Summer Activities Complete Details

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