Employees Housing Policy – Amaravati Capital City Area - Orders – Issued GO.34


Employees Housing Policy – Amaravati Capital City Area - Orders – Issued. MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION & URBAN DEVELOPMENT (CRDA.2) DEPARTMENT

G.O.MS.No. 34 Dated: 24-01-2019 
 Read the following: 

Cabinet Resolution No.27/2019, dated:22.01.2019 


  1. Consequent to bifurcation of the state and creation of the new state of Andhra Pradesh, the new capital city area is notified in 29 villages of Guntur district and named as Amaravati. Amaravati is being developed and the High Court, Legislature, Secretariat, Government heads of departments, State Public Sector Undertakings and State level institutions are being established in the new capital. Buildings of the Secretariat, Legislature, heads of departments etc. are coming up in the ‘Government city’ while the High Court and related institutions are coming up in the ‘Justice city’ of Amaravati capital city area. About 10,000 staff will be re-located to the new city to work in these institutions. The entire Amaravati capital city area of about 54,000 acres is pooled by AP CRDA under CRDA Act. As the city is a new area still under development there is lack of housing stock in the new capital. It is observed that earlier greenfield state capital cities in India have been struggling to attract human settlement even after 2 to 3 decades of their development. Therefore, in order to kick start city development it is necessary to promote settlement of this category of people. For this purpose of facilitating settlement of all this category of people in the new greenfieldcapital city, a housing policy for Amaravati Capital City Area is required. Accordingly in reference read above, the cabinet has approved the Employees Housing Policy for Amaravati Capital City Area. G
  2. overnment after careful examination of the matter, hereby issue the following Employees Housing Policy for Amaravati Capital City Area: 

2.1. AIM: The aim of housing policy in Amaravati Greenfield capital city is to encourage settlement of first settlers (Judiciary functionaries/employees, Government functionaries/employees, Legislature employees, press etc.,) in the new city for rapid city development and its smooth functioning. Many new institutions are being allotted lands in Amaravati on concessional terms for kick starting the new city as it is a new area. There is a need to create a social environment by providing housing and incentivising housing investment into creation of housing stock by the first settlers of Amaravati city.
2.2. ELIGIBILITY: The eligibility for some of the first settler categories is listed below:

(i) AIS officers of AP Cadre/ Officers on deputation

a. AP cadre officers: All AIS officers who are allotted or born on the new Andhra Pradesh Cadre and working as on date will only be eligible.

b. Deputation officers: All AIS officers belonging to other states/ central civil service officers/ secretary law who are working in the state as on date will also be eligible.

c. House sites: House sites at the rate of 500 Sq yards per head will be allotted in the Amaravati Capital City Area to their Societies/ Groups.
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