How to Pay Fixation in the R.P.S-2015 & PRC Software

PRC Model Fixation:- 
Basic Pay as on option Date: Rs.19580.00 (as on 01-07-2013)
DA@63.344%                    : Rs.12402.76
Fitment @69%                    : Rs.13510.00
Total                                    : Rs.45492.96
Pay Fixed in RPS 2013        : Rs.46060.00
Note:- This is Model Fixation only Govt Not Declared Fitment it is only Model Calculation  Purpose Onlt

Keeping in view the raise in the quantum of minimum pay, the Commission recommends a fitment of 29% on Basic Pay. The Commission further recommends that the fitment in the revised scale may be made in the following manner:

(1) D.A. admissible as on 01/07/2013 i.e., 63.344% may be added to the Basic pay.
(2) 29% of the basic pay may be added to the total of Basic pay + D.A. arrived at (1) above;
(3) The pay of the employees should be fixed in the relevant revised scale at the stage next above the amount arrived at as at (2) above;
(4) If an employee’s pay when fixed as above falls short of the minimum in the revised pay scale, it shall be  fixed at the minimum of the scale;
(5) If the amount so fixed exceeds the maximum, the excess shall be treated as personal pay and it should    be absorbed in future pay increases or in the stagnation increments sanctioned.

Instructions of Software:-

  • Edit only Green cells only
  • Hide Un Necessary Rows in any Page

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