G.O.MS.No. 5 Dated:23-01-2015 “Rajiv Vidya Deewena” Re-named as “NTR Vidya Jyothi”


TRIBAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT – “Rajiv Vidya Deewena” Re-named as “NTR Vidya Jyothi” Pre – Matric Scholarships for Scheduled Tribes (ST) students studying in Class IX and X Under CSS Scheme - Further continuance of Scheme from 2014-15 onwards - Orders - Issued.
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G.O.MS.No. 5                                                                                          Dated:23-01-2015.
                                                                                                                 Read the following:-
                                      1. G.O.Ms.No.18 TW (Edn) Department, Dt.12.02.2014.
                                      2. From Commissioner of Tribal Welfare Lr.Rc.No.J2/534/2014, Dt.18-10-2014.
                         Government issued orders vide G.O.Ms.No.18 Tribal Welfare (Edn) Department dated.12-02-2014 with a view to support parents of Scheduled Tribes (ST) children for education of their wards studying in classes IX and X so that the incidence of drop-out, especially in the transition from the elementary to the secondary stage is minimized, and to improve participation of ST children in classes IX and X of the Pre- Matric Stage, so that they perform better and have a better chance of progressing to the Post-Matric level covering all ST students pursuing studies in Schools run by the Government, Local Bodies such as Mandals, Zilla Parishads, Municipalities or Schools Aided by the Government, Tribal Welfare Ashram Schools, Hostels, Gurukulam Schools, Mini Gurukulam Schools, Kasturiba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) Schools and also under Best Available Schools Scheme for the year 2012-13.
 2. In the reference 2nd read above, the Commissioner of Tribal Welfare A.P., Hyderabad has requested the Government to issue the revised order for further continuation of the Scheme from 2014-15 onwards for sanctioning of Pre-Matric Scholarship to the S.T. students studying in Classes IX & X for the State of
Andhra Pradesh under CSS

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