Election Duty CCL Proceeding

Election Duty CCL Order
Proceedings of The Mandal Educational Officer, Mudinepalli
Prsent:-Sri S.Subrhamanyeswara Rao.,B.A,B.Ed.,
R.C.No:     /MEO/2015                                                                                        Dated:02-01-2015                                                                                                                                                                    
Sub:-Education-Primary Education Mandal Parishad, Mudinepalli Teaching Staff Drafted For Election
          Duties –Public  Holidays –C.C.Ls Permitted to avail –Orders –Issued-Regarding.

Ref:-1.G.O.M.S.No.35, education(H) Department , Dt:16-01-1981
          2.R.C.No.195/B3/2007 of DEO, Krishna , MTM
          3.Reprsentation of UTF, Mudinepalli Mandal  Unit


                  In view of Instructions issued in the reference cited I here by permitted to avail Three Days C.C.L to the Teaching Staff of Mudinepalli Mandal who were drafted and Discharged duties in Election during the Public Holidays (30-03-2014,05-04-2014 and 06-04-2014)
                  Further instructed these Three C.C.L s will be availed with in Six Months from the Date of the Proceedings issue with out any interruption of school functioning .
                   Hence all School Head Msters instructed to sanction Three days C.C.Ls for their staff as per Duty certificate who are discharged duties in public Holidays.

                                                                                                                   Mandal Educational Officer

All Head Masters of MP/UP Schools in Muidnepalli Mandal

Copy to Office
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