R.C.No:273 certain instructions to the Krishna ZPPF subscribers to be followed while submitting applications for PF loans/part withdrawals

                        It has come to the notice of the undersigned that the Teaching andNon-Teaching subscribers of z.P.P.F. of Krishna District are applying for ZPPF. Loans/Part payments for the purpose of Medical Aid to the dependents of the employees, purchase of House sites, purchase of Houses etc., without enclosing proper evidence in proof of the purpose of loan. As a rejsult very often the applications are being returned to theapplicants for want of submitting the proofs which causes unnecessary delay in clearance of loans/part withdrawals
                   It has also came to the notice of the undersigned that the P.F. Loans sanctioned to certain employees are not being recovered and remitted to P.F. Head of account in 20 installments. The drawing officers
are instructed to strictly watch the loan recoveries and see that the recoveries are made properly. other wise the matters will be viewed seriously.

                 Hence all the drawing officers under ziila praja parishad, Krishna are instructed to strictly follow the following instructions while submitting the ZPPF applications of the employees working under their control to
Z.P.P. Krishna.

l.Medical certificate from the concerned doctor i.e., cardiology, Neurology etc., as the case may be along with the estimation amount recommended by the doctor concerned. some of the applicants are
applying for huge amounts simply with the certificate of M.B.B.s. doctors with out estimations for the treatment. Some times certain subscribers are applying for more than Rs.3.00lakhs,and Rs.4.0Olakhs for certain deceases which is very abnormal and excessive to Govt., approved rates with reference to the orders issued in respect of Medical reimbursement. Hence the drawing officers should submit the Medical certificate
and estimate from concerned Doctor along with the application of the subscriber in proof of the treatment to be undergone.'
2,The drawing officers should submit the copy of Agreement, for purchase of House site or House as the case may be while submitting part payment applications.
3. The drawing offlcers should submit copy of site document, copy of site document, copy of plan approved by the G.P. or Municipality or CRDA along with the estimation prepared by the Engineers while
submitting the part with drawl application to Z.P '
4.The drawing officers should submit the Xerox copies of service register page in which the date of Birth and date of joining in service of the employee noted, along with the part withdrawal application in proof of the
period of service completed and to know the balance of service left

The drawing officers should invariably be followed the above instructions while submitting the Z.P.P.F Advances/Part with drawls applications to ZP. Office as the same have been insisting by the Audit
Department and a large No. of Audit objections are being rised due to lack of the above said enclosures

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