R.C.No:181 Dt:16-03-2015 Monthly Promotions to School Assistants

R.C.No:181 Dt:16-03-2015 Monthly Promotions to School Assistants 
1 All The District Educational Officers and Regional Joint Director of School Education in the State are further informed that, the Government after brifurcation of this State have imposed a general ban on all promotions at all levels in G.O.Rt.No:2147/GAD, Dated 16-05-2014 Later the Government have relaxed ban in respect of District Level Posts and Zonal Posts in G.O.Rt.No;2676, GAD, Dated 23-07-2014 and G.O.Rt.No.2759, GAD dated 01-08-2014 respectively

2 As Per the request of the Teachers Association proposals were sent to Government for amending the service rules, with regard to the Proposals to the posts of School Assistant .Languages etc. The said matter was under examination of the Government. The Rastriya Upadhyaya Panditha Parishad have requested to stop the Promotions to the School Assistant (Languages) and Language Pandits till the amendments are received from the Goverment

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