Memo:0202114 Dt:04-01-2010 Election Duty EL Preservation Order and Model SR Entry

Elections - Drafting teaching staff for Election related work during the summer or any vacation -Preservation of EL as per the provisions of FR 82 to the teachers working in Election related work -Oders-Issued.

  1. In reference 1st cited Government have issued orders to credit the number of days the teaching staff spent on actual elction duty to their E.L account based on the attendacne certificate issued by the Returning Officers concerned.
  2. In Memo 2nd cited instructions have been issued to the Director of School Education to take action as per the previsions of F.R 82 and the amendment issued by the Finance Department in G.O.Ms.No:114 Finance (FR-I) Department dated 28-04-2005 while preserving the E.L to the teachers who worked for bye -elections 2008 in summer vacation.
  3. After careful examination of the matterand keeping in view the orders issued in the references 1st and 2nd cited. Government hereby direct the Comissioner & Director of School Education , Hyderbad to take necessary action to prserve E.L to the teachers in all the Districts who worked for election related work i.e revision of electroal rolls of EPICs General Elections and bye-elections during the summer or any vacation as per the provisions of FR 82 and the amendment issued by the Finance  Department in G.O.Ms.No:114 Finance (FR.I) department dated 28-04-2005basing on the attendance certificate issued by the respective Election Authrity
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