R.C.No:18 Krishna Dt Primary Teachers Training Schedule

  1. The training will be given to teachers on the basis of the subjects they are teaching at their schools, so the subjects must be divided among the teachers of the Primary Schools and Primary Sections of UP Schools, not the classes
  2. The training will be of a 5 day duration in each of the 2 subjects
  3. The 5 days training for teachers at the Mandal level will begin simultaneously in the first 20 Mandals. Each spell is of 5 days duration and the 2 subjects will be covered in 10 days (2spells) in 20 Mandals
  4. No Training to the Single teachers and the remaining teachers shouldn’t be given exemption from attending the training except under Medical grounds
  5. Care should be taken to organize the training on working days only. (Don’t plan the training on public holidays).
  6. The services of  the PET,Womens Group, Self group the practitioners of Yoga,Local Doctor, High School Headmasters who are implementing Swacha Bharat effectively, other resource persons  like value Education and teachers Motivation
  7. The Display of the Teaching Learning Material developed during the training programme may be arranged  in a section for the benefit of the participants without disturbing the schedule of the training  programme
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