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               Sub:-School Education Department - Rationalization,Resource Re- Distribution(RRR) and Transfers of Teachers,2015-Posting Orders as
                         per the web option exercised by her/him - Orders - Issued - Reg

               Ref:1. G.O.Ms.No.63,Education(SER.II) Department Dated:31.08.2015
                    2. G.O. Ms. No.66, Education(SER.II) Department Dated:02.09.2015
                    3. Transfer Counselling Schedule announced by the Department.
                    4. Online Application submitted by the Individual and options exercised

               The Government of Andhra Pradesh in order to facilitate and regulate the transfers of Headmasters Grade II (Gazetted) and teachers working in Government / ZPP / MPP schools in Andhra Pradesh School Education Service and Andhra Pradesh School Education Subordinate Service, Government have issued rules relating to transfers have issued orders in the reference 1st read above. Government also desired to ensure appropriate teacher ? pupil ratio and strengthen academic monitoring / support to teachers at mandal and divisional level. Keeping the above in view, there is a need to regulate by way of transfers. Rationalization is also taken up in all the Primary Schools.
          The Government decided to call for the applications for transfer of teachers through online and conduct web counseling for transfers duly obtaining the options Accordingly, the schedule for conduct of web counselling was issued in the references read above .
          In pursuance of the orders issued by the Government and also in compliance of the instructions issued by the Commissioner of School Education, A.P., Hyderabad from time to time, the process of Rationalization, Resource Re-Distribution(RRR) was taken up in all the Primary Schools.
          After completion of the entire process of Rationalization, Resource Re-Distribution(RRR) in Primary Schools, the following vacancies were displayed:
                    (a) All the existing clear vacancies, except the leave vacancies.
                    (b) Resultant vacancies after rationalization in Primary Schools
                    (c) All the vacancies arising due to compulsory transfers.
                    (d) Resultant vacancies arising due to transfer
          Furthermore, the Government of Andhra Pradesh decided to award Entitlement Points to the Headmasters/ Teachers who have exercised the web options under (a) Compulsory Transfer( 5/8 years of stay), (b) Rationalization and (c) Request Transfers. The Entitlement Points were awarded in the following categories:
                    Entitlement Points - Common Points
                    Performance Related Points
                    Institution Related Performance Points
                    Individual Related Performance Points
                    Special Points (Extra Points)
                    Rationalization Points
                    The Minus Points were also awarded
                    Preferential Categories.
The conditions of transfer are:
                    (a) Minimum Period of stay/ Maximum Period of stay
                    (b) Headmaster Gr.II (Gazetted) / Teacher shall not be posted in the Schools located in the same Gram Panchayat, If they completed                              5/8 years of service.
The following procedure is followed for effecting transfers:
                    (a) Display of Vacancies.
                    (b) Calling for Online Applications
                    (c) Verification of Entitlement Points
                    (d) Display of Tentative Seniority list
                    (e) Calling for objections on Seniority List.
                    (f) Rectification of the objections.
                    (g) Display of Final Seniority List.
                    (h) Confirmation of Transfer Application Form.
                    (i) After confirmation by the individual, final list is displayed.
                    (j) After display of final list, Headmaster/Teacher exercise web options.The Headmaster/Teacher were provided 3 opportunities to edit the                          web options exercised by them.
                    (k) After the web options are submitted, an One Time Password(OTP) was generated.
                    (l) Based on the web options exercised, the transfer orders are generated based on the Entitlement Points, Seniority and Preferential                               category.
                    (m) Senior Officers are deputed to districts to re-verify the process and ensure correctness of the process and also the process                                    followed in awarding Entitlement Points.
                    (n) Based on the web options, system generated transfer orders.
          After the above process and as per the Web options exercised for choice of place/posting by the Headmaster/Teacher, the District Level Committee constituted in the reference 1st read above have decided to issue the transfers. Accordingly, the District Educational Officer,KRISHNA District and Member-Secretary is pleased to transfer and post the Headmasters/Teachers as shown in the Annexure appended to this proceeding.
          The Dy. Educational Officers/ Mandal Educational Officers/Headmasters concerned are requested to relieve the Headmaster/Teacher on the afternoon of 31.10.2015 to enable them to join immediately in the new station.
          The Headmasters now transferred as per the Web Option exercised by them, are informed that if the need of their service is not established at the transferred school, their services will be utilized in another needy school to ensure Class-Level Teacher-Pupil Ratio and for strengthening academic monitoring.
Encl: Annexure
KRISHNA District
All the Individuals concerned in the Annexure
All the Mandal Educational Officers concerned
All the Head Masters concerned

Download Here--> DEO Transfer Order
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