DEO Confrence Meeting High Lights

High lights of DEOs confernce in Guntur
  1.  DSC 2014 School.Assistant Selection Results within 1/ 2 days.Certificate verification follows
  2.  Revision of SGT/ LP dsc list after eliminating dual( SAselected) selected SGTs/ LPs
  3.  Teacher Data base( All  Details of  Teachers) updation Trail version starts   from Tomorow. Teachers can  enter the data with Treasury id and OTP to cells . Tentative Schedule From.May 9 th to 25th
  4. Ratinalisation GO after Govt approval
  5. Transfers GO  only after General Ban lift May 10th.Same as Last year GO 63& 83 except marks to  Additional performance Parametrsi.eprathibha awards, PAT meetings,Greenery,health checkup of students and updation student health cards, MDM opted And  library usage etc
  6.  DSC 2014 postings by jun 1st and training
  7. Draft GO  onrationalisation not given to deos  to avoid public pressure

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