3Rs Assesement Test from 2nd to 5th Classes

3Rs Assessment Test from II to V Class Students of both Govt.and Pvt.Schools on 18.10.2016(tentative)- Mobilization of D.EI.Ed students to serve as Field Investigators

3Rs Assessmetn test is planned to conduct on 18.10.2016 (tentative date) to all the studetns studying from II to V class both in Govt. and Pvt. Schools in A.P.

The initiative is aimed to become top ranking state in NAS (National Achievement Survey) by 2022.  The key objective of the assessment test is to identify the children who need remediation and to provide a subsequent intensive remediation programme.

U-Dise data shall be made utilized to identify the number of schools and the number of F.Is required at 2 per school.

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