Childinfo & UDISE 2016-17 Proceeding & Guidelines

Step: 1. – SIMS 2016-17
1.   Collecting the Students data in Student data Capture format of all students in all management schools in the district.
2.   The Students information collected in Student DCF is to be updated through online website follows with student information sub link.
3.   100% aadhar updating to all students in all managements in the district.
4.   1, 76,444 student’s aadhar data is to be updated in the district for the year 2016-17. The mandal wise school wise student wise data is mail to all Mandals. It is very serious issue i.e updating of student information and it is also linked with UDISE 2016-17.
5.   M/s BNR Udyog limited has expressed their willingness to establish 20 centers for taking Bio metrics of the students.
6.   2 centers in each division are proposed to take Bio Metrics of students. The details are to be intimated to the mandals.
7.   The process of collection and updating of Students Information Management System within the Time schedule.
Step: 2 – UDISE 2016-17.
1.   The Schools data is to be collected through Data Capture Format (DCF)
2.   The collected information is to be filled through online in CSE web site as per the schedule.
3.   September 30th 2016 will be observed as UDISE day in all schools.
4.   Poster Competition & essay competition is to be conducted in all schools before 30.09.2016 and celebrate on UDISE Day i.e 30.09.2016.
The Deputy Educational Officers, Mandal Educational Officers and Deputy Inspector of schools in the district are further informed that, collection of SIMS 2016-17 information of students, Schools in the district through Data Captur formats and online entry system as per the updated online application provided by the AP online during the year 2016-17 in the district.
For smooth process of SIMS following District and Mandal level teams are constituted to monitor the collection of SIMS data in the district.
District Level Committee:
1.   District Educational Officer   : Member & Convenor
2.   Project Officer, SSA             : Member
3.   Dist. Vocational Edu. Officer : Member Intermediate Education
4.   ASO O/o DEO, Krishna         : Nodal Officer  

5.   ASO O/o Project Officer, SSA: Nodal Officer 

Download Guidelines UDISE 2016-17

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