G.O.No:197 Aided Salaries Budget Lifted

O R D E R:
In the reference first read above, Government have issued
instructions and laid down the procedure regarding payment
of remuneration to all the contract / outsourced personnel as well as
aided institutions on the 1st day of every month promptly. In the
Government Order second read above, comprehensive guidelines were
issued regarding selection of outsourced personnel, payment of
remuneration, continuation of services and grievances if any, in
Government Departments. In the GO third read above, orders were issued
enhancing the rates of remuneration payable to the outsourced employees
from 1st August, 2016 with detailed instructions for payment of
2. In spite of the above instructions, some instances have come to the
notice of the Government of irregular or delayed payment of remuneration
to the contract / outsourced personnel on account of delay in submission
of the claim on the part of the agency or due to procedural constraints
such as insufficient budget or delay in preferring claims by Drawing and
Disbursing Officers.

3. In order to ensure payment of remuneration on the first working day
of every month contract and outsourced personnel Government hereby
issue the following instructions for strict compliance by all the third party
agencies supplying the manpower, Drawing and Disbursing Officers and
Treasury authorities concerned.

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