G.O.No:128 Deduct Flag Fund in December Salary

Home Departme
State Governm
payable in the m

1. G.O.M
2. G.O.M
3. G.O.M
4. From
In the G.
an amount of
Gazetted office
payable in Janu
2. In the G
enhancing the a
Non-Gazetted a
of December pa
2015 towards t
3. In the re
stated that the
Vijayawada w.e
Account from S
State Bank of
requested the
employees’ con
M.G. Road Bran
4. In the ci
Andhra Prades
consideration, G
G.O. 2nd read a
The part
Pradesh, Vijaya
Department, da
Name of the

Name of the
Name of the
Current acco
MICR Numbe
ent – Armed Forces Flag Day Fu
ment employees - Recovery fro
month of January – Amendment

Ms.No. 601, Home (Genl. B) Depa
Ms.No. 127, Home (Ser.I) Depart
Ms.No. 169, Home (Ser.IV) Depar
the Director (AC), Sainik Welfare
awada, Lr No. 279/01/AFFD/2016
.O. 1st read above, Government
5/- and 10/- from the s
ers respectively every year fro
ary as their contribution towards
G.O. 3rd read above, Governme
amounts and to deduct 50/- an
and Gazetted officers respectively
ayable in January of succeeding y
their contribution to Flag Day Fun
ference 4th read above, the Dire
Directorate of Sainik Welfare w
e.f. 27-06-2016 and also has tr
State Bank of India, Yellareddy
India, M.G. Road Branch, Vij
Government to issue necessa
tribution to the Flag Day Fund A
nch, Vijayawada.
rcumstances reported by the D
h, Vijayawada in the referenc
Government hereby issue the
ticulars of account of the Direc
awada mentioned in G.O.Ms.N
ated. 01-08-2014 shall be substit
account holder : Director,
Bank : State Ban
Branch & Code : M.G.Road
ount number : 3 3 8 8 1
: S B I N 0
er : 5 2 0 0 0
und collection- Contribution of
m the salaries of December
orders – Issued.
Dated: 28-11-2016
Read the following:-
artment, dt.11-12-1992.
ment, dt. 01-08-2014.
rtment, dt. 11-12-2015.
e, Andhra Pradesh,
6- SF, dt. 19-10-2016
have issued orders to deduct
alaries of Non-Gazetted and
m their salary of December
s Flag Day Fund.
nt have issued orders duly
nd 100/- from the salaries of
y every year from their salary
year effective from December,
ector (AC), Sainik Welfare has
as shifted from Hyderabad to
ransferred the Flag Day Fund
yguda Branch, Hyderabad to
jayawada. He has therefore
ary orders for remitting the
ccount in State Bank of India,
Director (AC), Sainik Welfare,
ce 4th read above, and on
following amendment to the
ctor, Sainik Welfare, Andhra
No. 127, Home (Services. I)
tuted with the following:-
Sainik Welfare
ent of A.P (AFFD)
nk of India
d , Vijayawada & 16857
1 2 8 7 9 5
0 0 1 6 8 5 7
0 2 0 4 6

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