Memo:417309 Celebrate of "Ganit Saptah" on 22nd Dec

                    The main goal of mathematics education in schools is to develop the inner resources of the child. It is mostly related to logical thinking. The kind of thinking one learns in mathematics is the ability to handle abstractions. Mathematics also offers a way of doing things and develops the quality of attacking all kinds of problems in a systematic manner. This makes a
learner confident in handling different complex situations in her daily life.
However this can be achieved if the learners are exposed to different situations in mathematics in which they could get an opportunity to explore and analyse for themselves.

          For this purpose the National curriculum Framework (NCF) -2005 recommends activity based learning and teaching in mathematics. One of the modes through which this can be
done apart from classroom mathematics activities is organizing different mathematics exhibitions or fairs. In such events the learners get an opportunity to express their ideas before others fearlessly. This requires working on the related mathematical concepts and then
expressing them. This is done voluntarily by them. It needs to be made a week long activity for smaller durations on each of the days so that students get enough time to interact with all and thus will get better understanding of concepts. The interactions and discussions on mathematics and issues related to its learning will deepen its understanding in the students and teachers. This will also result in better dissemination of ideas and material. The apt time to do this week long activity is around the National Mathematics Day which is celebrated in the memory of the great mathematics legend Srinivas Ramanujan, on 22nd December.
        By organising various activities during Ganit Saptah , the students will be able to
  1.  Discover the enjoyment in learning of mathematics
  2.  Create interest in learning mathematics
  3.  Connect mathematical concepts with real life situations
  4.  Involve intrinsically in all mathematical activities
  5.  Appreciate the importance of learning mathematics for learning of other subjects
  6. Popularise mathematics among learners and society
  7. Improve mathematical skills
                In order to realise the above mentioned objectives, School needs to organise various activities during different days. The following activities may be organised during Ganit Saptah.
Memo :417309 Celebrate of "Ganit Saptah" on 22nd Dec on Birth Anniversary of the Sri Srinivas Ramanujan in all Schools in AP

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