How to Update student Data in APGER Mobile App

Introduction :      
                           Department  of  school  education  portal  was  developed  to  bring  all  information  related to education on a single platform. In this context, it is proposed to do field level verification and identify these 10, 73,771 students and improve UDISE. To facilitate this process a comprehensive mobile  application  i.e.  "APGER  SIMS"  is  got  developed  by  APOnline with  preloaded  data  of  the 10,73,771students. It is currently available in Google Play Store. The "APGER SIMS" app may be downloaded from Google  Play  Store  on  to  their  Mobiles/Tablets.  The "APGER  SIMS"  app  related  User  Manual  enclosed herewith. Using this mobile application the field level verification and updating needs to be conducted to identify the schools in which these children are studying. During the process of using applications that have  been  developed,  the  end  users  are  facing  problems.  Most  of  the  time  the  end  user  calls  the developer  and  gets  the  problem  rectified.  As  there  is  no  proper  documentation  of  requests,  it  was decided to

                To improve key education indicator Gross Enrolment Ration (GER) and Net Enrolment Ratio (NER)  in AP  State for Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary levels etc

                    The scope of this document is to explain the process flow for updating the children information through  our App and enrich the UDISE Information.

             Confirmation of enrolled student The process to update student class details through mobile App is explained below:

  1. Download the app from Android Play store – type "APGER SIMS" the following screen will be     displayed. Download the same.
  2. Install and Open the App in your mobile, and select District, Mandal and respective village the following screen appears
3.Select one student name from the list displayed after drilling down to your respective district, 

        Mandal and village.
     4.On selecting Student Name the  following screen is displayed
5.By clicking the Map Icon ( As mentioned in the above image ) which is beside address it will take 
   you to the location of that children place using GPS navigation. , you can see the same  redirected      image below:
6.Now enter the UDISE code of the school where the student is studying. If you don’t know the 
        UDISE code, click the school icon in UDISE code row as shown below
7.When you click on school icon, a popup window will appear; here we have to select District, 
    Mandal and Village. Based on school where the child is studying the selection UDISE code needs 
    to be happened Up on the successful selection of District/Mandal/Village school details will appear    in list. we have to select the correct school . After selection the popup window will close and              previous  screen will appear with UDISE code pre-populated in it desired field as per the section        maded in  the popup window as shown below
8.Enter the class in which the child is studying in as shown below :
9.Finally click submit as shown below the student details and it will be redirected to the home 
   screen and the revised students list will be populated there you have to again repeat from Point 

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