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A brief Note
            As per the approval AWP&B of 2017-18, the SSA has conducted 5 days in-service teachers training at mandal level in the subjects of Telugu, English and Maths and also conducted  the 5 days subject trainings  for  upper primary level teachers  in the State in the  subjects of Mathematics,  Science and Social subjects. Further a 6 days training is provided to urdu medium teachers for primary level training in the subjects of Urdu, English and Maths, and also provided 5 days to Upper Primary level teachers in the subjects of Maths, Science and Social Studies.
            As continuation of the in-service teacher training, necessary follow up mandal level trainings should be conducted as per the PAB 2017-18.  As per the approval of PAB the MHRD recommended for 10 days cluster level trainings for sharing the school best practices, children performance and model demo lessons. In view of the above it is proposed the following detailed action plan to conduct the 8 School Complex meetings during the academic year 2017-18 for the strengthening of School Complexes effective functioning and deliberating quality initiatives in the state.

            Education can make its own contributions to the development of the individual, as well as the well- being of society. We can establish a face to face relationship between different teachers from different schools within easily accessible distances through the school complexes. This can be done only when we develop 10 to 15 schools together in one complex.
School complex is organized by taking a group of elementary schools, Upper Primary; high schools within the radius of 8 to 10 kilometers should be tagged to centrally located high school. As per the proposal there is a scope to establish 5-6 school complexes in the mandal point.
The school complexes functions cooperatively with the tagged schools within the vicinity of 8-10 KMs in the school complexes for the improvement of their educational standards. It will facilitate to provide equal educational facilities and experiences to all the teachers.
Need of the School Complex meetings:
·         To develop professional skills among the teachers
·         To provide continues on job support to the teachers.
·         To train the teachers for solving the class room problems time to time.
·         To provide quality education at elementary level
·         To develop school leadership.
·         It will enable a similar group of schools working in a neighbourhood to make a cooperative effort for improving learning outcomes.
·         The school complex provides scope for sharing of instructional work among the different constituent schools.
·         It can provide new teaching aids like projector, a good library, a good laboratory in each school as a unit and make them functionally available to all the schools in one area.
·         It will mobilize both human and material resources for the progress of education
·         It can coordinate  with the local communities and can derive as much help from this source as possible
Objectives of the School Complex meetings:
·         To clustering a group of schools for  ensuring quality  education among children
·         To share and exchanging of experiences among teachers and disseminating the best practices
·         To develop leadership qualities among teachers.
There are 4035 school complexes in 13 districts and the details are mentioned below table:

No. of School Complexes




East Godavari

West Godavari










Construction of School Complex:
            At present School complex meetings being conducted once a month on Saturday for 25 to 30 teachers supervised by school complex chairman i.e, Head Master of one ZPHS which is centrally located in all schools.
            Every 10 to 15 schools (under Government, Local bodies and aided managements)   within the vicinity of 8-10 KMs are integrated in to a unit led by a lead school is a school complex.  Lead school shall be a secondary school with classes 6th to 10th.  If a particular area is not covered by a secondary school, an upper primary school can be constituted as a lead school to hold the school complex meetings.

Members in School Complex:

·         Head Master / Head Mistress of the lead High school school shall as a School Complex Chairman.
·         All the Teachers in the integrated primary/upper primary/high schools are the members in the school complex.  Each school complex would have 25 to 30 teachers from the integrated schools.
·         One senior most teacher in the complex should act as complex secretary and he will assist the complex chairman to conduct the school complex meetings as per the schedule given by the government. 
·         There is no honorarium/remuneration will be paid to school complex chairman/secretary for holding this duties and this is fully additional responsibility to them.

Why do re-organize School Complex Meetings:
      Based on the feedback from teachers the School Complex meetings are not effective to improve the knowledge, teaching methods of teachers, for which purpose they were started. A proper initiations has not been taken up to review the academic performance of the students, teachers, as well as new educational concepts which is presently needed to the   strengthening the government schools.
Present Structure of School Complexes
Need to Reorganize the School Complexes
·         10-15 schools are tagged to one Complex school
·         After completion of rationalisation all school complexes should be reorganised duly considering no. of schools, teachers and Geographical Conditions.
·         The allotment of  schools to CRPs in school complexes is varies from one school complex to another
·      Equal no. of schools are to be allotted for each CRP for all school Complex
·         Most of the  Chairman of the school complexes are not Gazetted HMs
·         All school complex chairmen must be Gazetted HMs.
·         If Gazetted HMs are not available in the particular school complexes, the MEO should act as school complex Chairman. 
·         The MEO should organise Complex meetings with the assistance of particular complex secretaries.
·         For financial transactions of HMs of the Particular complex school and joint secretary of the complex should be empowered.
·         Most of the School Complexes are in the state identified as UPs or PS,  but Very less no. of school Complexes identified as High schools
·         School complex lead school must be a high School.
·         If High schools are not available in the particular vicinity, Upper Primary/Model Primary Schools should be identified as School Complexes lead schools.
·         Model Schools/KGBV teachers are not tagged to school complex; hence they are not attending the complex meetings.
·         All Model schools and all KGBVs must be tagged to nearby school complexes and the teachers of these schools should be attending the complex meeting.
·         The complex Chairman’s i.e. Head Masters of High Schools are not attending the School complex meetings. In some cases, if they are attended, they are not spending more time in the complex.
·         All complex Headmasters must be fix up the responsibility to conduct the meetings, to note the minutes of the meetings, to take the attendance for two times morning and evening.
·         The school complex head masters should submit the report to the concerned Deputy Educational Officers on every school complex meetings; duly furnish the same minutes to the MEOs.
·         School Complex HMs are not intimate the SOs of KGBVs and Principal of Model Schools on conduct of Complex meeting
·         The School Complex HMs should take responsibilities to intimate the complex meetings information to all schools tagged in particular complex. (KGBVs/Model Schools)

Modalities for conduct of school complex meetings:
·         The school complex meetings proposed to conduct monthly once from the month of July, 2017 to Feb, 2018 for both primary and secondary classes teachers at every CRC level.
·   Complex meetings are to be conducted as per the schedule and guidelines which will be communicated from SPO from time to time.
·         Budget to be released for conducting of complex meetings and to pay the conveyance to the concerned teachers as earlier norms.
·         To ensure 100% of attendance of teachers in the complex level meetings.
·         Submit feedback report along with target and achievement to the DPO/SPO.
·         Communicate guidelines and schedule to each complex H.M and H.Ms of the School and met the expenditure in the training programme budget at cluster level.
·         Model School complex Meeting proposed time line.
·         Proposed time line and dates.
·         Focused Areas to be discussed in the complex level meetings.
·         Proposed Agenda Items of the School Complex.
·         Financial Guidelines on the grants utilization of School complex.

         In view of the above, it is proposed to conduct a 4 day workshop from 03-07-2017 to 06-07-2017 at SPO for the developing the school complex module for the new innovative ideas among the teachers.

Objectives of the workshop: 
·    To prepare the School Complex Module for conduct of effective school complex meetings.
·   To identify the role of School Complex secretary
·   To specify the role of CRPs
·   To modify the roles and responsibility of the school complex Chairman
·   To prepare the agenda items for the discussions in the meetings
·   To Prepare the model Time Table for conduct of school complex meeting
·   Monitoring of School Complexes
·   Roles of the inspecting officers MEOs/Dy.EOs/DEOs/ POs
·   Community participation
·   Strengthening of school complex.

·   Funds utilisation.

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