G.O.No:121 Dt:18.07.17 Extention of option of Invalidation pension and Family pension to Govt employees covered under CPS

(i) Invalid Pension and Retirement Gratuity, in case of retirement from Government Service on invalidation not attributable to Government duty;

(ii) Family Pension (including Enhanced Family Pension) and Death Gratuity, in case of death in service not attributable to Government duty;

(iii) Disability Pension and Retirement Gratuity, in case of discharge from Government Service due
to disease or injury attributable to Government duty; and

(iv) Extra-ordinary Family Pension and Death Gratuity, in case of death in service attributable to
Government duty.

3. Accordingly, in the Circular Memo 3rd read above, instructions were issued provisionally
extending the aforementioned benefit to the employees of State Government covered by
Contributory Pension Scheme (NPS) in toto, duly applying similar provisions of the A.P.
Revised Pension Rules 1980 with a condition to adjust the payments/relief made to the
employees against the amount of accumulated funds in CPS account, pending finalisation of the
guidelines. However, while issuing orders vide G.O. 4th read above adopting exit policy
and interim guidelines, the orders issued in the reference 3rd read above, was withdrawn, as a
result of which the benefits of Retirement/Death Gratuity and Family Pension, extended as
additional relief by the Government of India to its employees are not admissible to the similarly
placed persons in the State Government Service or their legal heirs.

4. The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has framed "Exit
and Withdrawals under NPS Regulations, 2015" on 11.05.2015. The matter regarding framing
of rules on NPS inter alia providing option to its employees or their family members to avail
benefits either under NPS or under Old pension scheme as per O.M. dated 05.05.2009, in case of
death or disability of a government servant, is separately under examination of the Government
of India. Meanwhile the cases of death/disability of Central Government civilian employees
covered by NPS continue to be dealt with in accordance to O.M. dated 05.05.2009.
5. As per the regulations 6(e) of "Exit and Withdrawals under NPS Regulations, 2015" of
the PFRDA, if the subscriber or the family members of the deceased subscriber, upon his death,
avails the option of additional relief on death or disability provided by the Government, the
Government shall have right to adjust or seek transfer of the entire accumulated pension wealth
of the subscriber to itself. The subscriber or family members of the subscriber availing such
benefit shall specifically and unconditionally agree and undertake to transfer the entire
accumulated pension wealth to the Government, in lieu of enjoying or obtaining such additional
reliefs like family pension or disability pension or any other pensionary benefit from such
government authority.
6. The Government of India has issued final orders in its O.M. No. 7 /5/2012-P&PW (F )/
B, dated 26.08.2016 allowing Gratuity in cases of retirement and death of the employees covered
by the NPS. Orders in this regard were already issued by the State Government in the
Government Order 8th read above.

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