Comprehensive Financial Management System(CFMS)

CFMS is an application for processing of all Financial Activities of the AP State Government.

It automates all Financial Processes of the following

  1. Preparation of Budget;
  2. Release and Distribution of Funds;
  3. Incurring of Expenditure;
  4. Preparation and submission of Bills by DDOs;
  5. Processing /Audit of bills by treasuries;
  6.  Payment process; Collection of Receipts;
  7. Preparation of Accounts;
  8. Maintenance of PD Accounts;
  9. Processing of Leaves;
  10. Management of HR events;
  11. Maintenance of e-Service Book;
  12.  Maintenance of electronic data, etc

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has entered into a service agreement with the SAP India Pvt. Ltd. for implementation of CFMS.

Andhra Pradesh Centre for Finance Systems and Services (APCFSS) which is a corporation under Finance Department will monitor the development, deployment and maintenance of CFMS program.

HRMS module of CMFS will automate all processes relating to:

  • entire monetary and non-monetary entitlements of the employees
  • assessment of vacancies
  • recruitment authorization
  • preparation of panels for promotion
  • issues relating to Pay fixations
  • revisions of Pay scales
  • maintenance of electronic Service Registers
  • generation of Pay rolls
  • timely payment of Retirement benefits
  • timely release of Increments

  1. The User IDs and Password of CFMS will be generated and communicated through SMS to the District Officers, only if their Higher authority (i.e., HOD/Zonal/Regional, etc.,) enter the Organization Details of their respective offices in their logins.
  2. Soon after receiving the User IDs and Passwords, the District Officer should login to the website and fill the data in the appropriate screens.
  3. After successful submission of First screen i.e., “Organization Details screen’, User IDs and Passwords of their Subordinate offices will be generated and communicated through SMS to the Subordinate offices. They should follow the similar process mentioned in the 2nd bulleted point of this screen
Download CFMS Complete Detalis

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