Comprehensive Financial Management System (Paperless transactions)w.e.f 01-04-2018

  1. What is CFMS ?
  • Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) is an enterprise level application designed, developed and implemented by Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial Systems and Services (APCFSS) on behalf of the Finance Department, on the SAP S4 HANA platform.

  • Each and every financial transaction (i.e., bills payment, challan receipt, accounting) isonline and paperless.


  • The HOO/DDO shall identify Maker, Checker and Submitter (DDO) in his office.

Who is Maker??

  • Maker is an employee (JA/SA) who prepares and processes the bill and forward to the Checker/Submitter with his remarks. (i.e., case worker in Legacy HRMS system).

Who is Checker?

    • Checker is an employee (Superintendent/Manager/Section Head) who checks and forward the bill to the submitter (DDO) with his remarks. Checker cannot make any corrections in the Bill. He can write his comments in the box provided.

    Who is Submitter??(DDO)

    • Submitter is an officer i.e., the DDO who approve and submit the bill to the Treasury Office, with his remarks with digital Signature (Biometric authentication) if the bill is correct in every aspect. Otherwise the DDO will return the bill to the Checker/Maker with his/her observations For resubmission.

    How to Process the bill in CFMS ?

    • Role of Maker (JA/SA)
    • Role of Checker (Superintendent)
    • Role of Submitter (DDO)

    Workflow Configurator(Office Order)

    1. The Head of the Office shall identify who is maker, checker and Submitter(DDO) in his office and entrust the subjects with seven tier classification.
    2.  Multiple makers can also be allowed.But one maker shall be allowed one HOA.
    3. Multiple checkers can also be allowed .But one checker shall be allowed only one HOA

    Userid and Passwords

    1. Digit Employee ID allotted by the CFMS is the Userid
    2. Default password will be provided by the CFMS.
    3. Password shall be changed at the first instance after 1stand login into CFMS

    Role of Maker(JA/SA)

    The maker shall logon into CFMS by his login id and password in website.
    • Click on Bill Generation Module (BLM) Bill Lifecycle Management
    • Click on Create Bill.
    • Click on the Type of bill as per the requirement (i.e AC -DC Bills / HR Bills/Non HR Bills / WorkBills etc).
    • Prepare the bill in system duly filling all columns.
    • Scan and Upload the required documents in PDF mode wherever required.
    • After complete processing of the bill the maker shall write his remarks regarding the bill and click on save and send button.
    • Now a unique number is generated for the bill.(Unique for entire state)(i.e it may be the tbr no or token no as in Legacy system )
    • FIFO (First In First Out) is observed at all levels.
    • Click on the name of the individual (i.e checker) to whom the maker shall send the bill for further processing.


    • The Submitter shall verify the bill in all aspects ,approve and send it to the Treasury with his digital signature(Bio Metric Authentication) if the bill is in order.
    • Otherwise the bill shall be returned to the Checker/Maker with his objection for resubmission.
    • The bills returned by the Treasury will be posted in the inbox of the Submitter. He in turn shall have to send them to the maker for rectification and resubmission

    Other Points( to be observed at DDO level)

    1. After submission of the bill by the DDO to the Treasury, it directly goes to inbox of the Concerned Auditor at Treasury.
    2. In respect of Contingent bills, voucher wise bills shall be prepared and submitted to the Treasury i.e One bill for one Voucher
    3. Eight digit employee id will be assigned by CFMS in place of existing employee id.
    4. Bill number shall be written on each and every enclosure before scanning.
    5. If budget is not available, the budget bills are not generated at DDO level.
    6. In respect of budget bills if any amount is remitted back to Government account, the same will be raised in the Head of Account from which it is drawn if the transaction is in the same financial year (For Ex : TA Advance)
    7. TBR , Form 101 , Paper Token , Physical instruments are not required in C F M S Bill submission.
    8. The Corrections if any in the bill shall have to be carried out by the Maker only.
    9. The bill number once generated cannot be cancelled and resubmissions can be made only with the same bill number.
    10. In respect of small offices, checker is not mandatory. If there is only one official working in an office, he shall act as maker and submitter with respective logins.
    11. There is no Treasury Bank Branch such as SBI, Andhra Bank etc for conducting government Payments. All payments are made through e-Kuber a payment gateway of RBI

    Preparation of pay bills in CFMS from 04/2018 payable on or after 01-05-2018:-

    i) The salary bills shall be generated inDDO Request as per existing procedure.
    ii) The Bills shall be submitted in DDO Request as per existing procedure
    iii)TBR Number will be generated as per existing procedure.
    iv)After fifteen minutes the bill will automatically be populated in Submitter Login-(CFMS)
    v) (DDO) who verifies the same and submit to the Treasury for payment with his
          digital signature.

    Download CFMS Broucher
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