CFMS Circular-6 Pay Bill Submission

                                   Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) is launched on 02.04.2018 and currently being stabilized. One of the main objectives of CFMS, in addition to establishing a Single Source of Truth, is to promote efficiency and effectiveness in public financial management activities. APCFSS is the nodal agency for the implementation, sustenance and support of the CFMS program. Towards this, APCFSS aims at providing seamless services to all the users of CFMS in a structured and focused manner. Every effort has been made to address the requirements of all the diversified departments and individuals. However, during the course of operationalization, users have been reporting issues. While some issues require a change to the design, majority of the issues are related to understanding, adoption, data related and above all patience. Attention, of all the HODs and users is invited to GO MS 40, wherein the Help Desk and issue resolution process is explained in detail. Based on the issues reported so far, the following resolutions and clarifications are being provided and all departmental users are required to make sure that they understand and disseminate the information to all users.

Pay Bill Submission

  1. DDOs shall prepare pay bills in HRMS as usual. 
  2. Upon submission of bill using DDO Bill Submission option, a TBR number is generated for the bill. 
  3. The bills so generated are picked up by CFMS and pushed into the inbox of respective Submitter in 30 minutes from the time of generation of TBR. 
  4. The DDO shall attach the required documents and certificates and furnish checklist remarks and then send it to auditor login of respective treasury. 
  5. The Treasury Office has to audit the bill as per workflow in CFMS. 
  6. The bills passed by the Treasury Officers will be scheduled for payment on 1st day of the month.

Click Here to Download Circular CFMS No-6

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