Rc No:36 Shaala siddhi Communication of guidelines cum plan of action further instructions issued

Rc No:36 Shaala siddhi Communication of guidelines cum plan of action further instructions issued 
Guidelines cum nlan of action for School Accreditation Proeramme (Shaala Siddhi) at field level mav be annroved:
i. Role of the District Educational Officer:
o Overall in-charge for conduct of District Level and Mandal Level orientation as per
the schedule. Instructions to the all the Principals of DIETs, Deputy Educational Officers, MEOs and Sr. Teachers wherever required. Monitor the Programme for in-time completion.
ii. Role of the Project Officer: The Project Officers is the convener of the entire School Accreditation Programme in the District.
o Monitoring of the entire programme by appointing all sectorals as divisional wise in- charges. Time to time updating of the programme and same should be sent to the SPO.
iii. Role of the MEO: Day to day monitoring of pre-assessment on evaluation and dash board. Re-confirmation of self assessment done by the HMs" Ensure that all Schools under all managements should be uploaded their school evaluation reports.
o Proper instructions to all the HMs for filling up of Dash Board information.
iv. Role of the Head Masters: Conduct of school level orientation to all the teachers in the school. Study and preparation of pre-assessment as per the schedule on DASH BOARD. Up-loading of pre-pared DASH BOARD information in the given portal
o Flead Master is responsible and liable for any wrong information furnished in the
v. Role of the CRPs: CRPs are responsible for the collection of the hard copies regarding the Shaala Siddhi DASH BOARD and to assist the MEOs for re-confirmation of the self assessment done by HMs concerned,
vi. Evaluation:
vii. A) First Level
In the first level assessment, all the information with regards to accreditation in the DASH BOARD i.e School particulars, Teachers Particulars, Infrastructure, class rooms, maintenance of toilets, Library, Laboratory etc will be assessed by the self (HMs) and the same will be uploaded in the web portal by the HMs concerned.
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