Rc.21 B Dt:17.04.18 Ganadhara Program Teleconference on 20.04.18

                                 all the District Educational Officers in the state are aware that the Gnanadhaara Programme is about to start on 01-05-2018 in residential mode at the identified venues.
                      Connected to this it is planned to conduct a one day orientation programme to all the teachers who are engaged from different managements to Gnanadhaara Programme

Teleconference on 20-04-2018 from 10 am to 4.30 pm

              Hence all the District Educational Officers are requested to instruct Head Masters/Principals of welfare schools/APMS/SOs of KGBV and Mandal Educational Officers concerned to depute the above said teachers to attend one day teleconference on Mana TV in their respective centers on 20-04-2018

 Programme start on 01-05-2018

                            Furhter informed to ensure the attendance of MEOs, SSA Sectorial Officers, 2 DIET Lecturers, CRPs, Complex Head Masters to this teleconference.
                                                                        Download Copy 

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