RC.No:20024 Municipal Employees Transfers Guidelines

RC.NO;20024 Dt:08-05-2018 Government of Andhra Pradesh Muncipal Administration Department -Public Services - Human Resources - Transfers and Postings of Employees - Guidelines/Instructions - Orders - Issued.

Munciap Employees Transfers Gudielines Rc.No:20024

              The attention of all the ROMAs in the State are invited to the reference cited, wherein
Government have relaxed ban on General transfers and postings of employees in the State of Andhra
Pradesh from 05.05.2018 to 04.06.2018 to ensure right placement of employees to secure optimum
productivity .and commitment to furtherance of Government development objectives. The following
principles may be adopted while effecting transfer of employees.

  1. Transfers shall be effected only on the following grounds:- i) Mutual Grounds ii) On Request
  2. Employees seeking transfer on these grounds shall be completed three years of continuous service in all cadres at the present station. Station means place (City. Town, Village) of actual working for the purpose of transfers and not office or institution.
  3. Transfers on request shall be considered by the competent authority only against an existing clear vacancy.

Request transfers shall be considered by the competent authorities only in respect of employees fulfilling one or more of the conditions mentioned below:

  1. Visually challenged persons
  2. Employees with disabilities 0[40% or more as certified by a competent authority-as per "Persons with disabilities"
  3. Husband and Wife cases (only one of the spouses shall be shifted following the prescribed procedure). Once the facility is utilised, the next request can be made only after eight years.
  4. Employees having mentally challenged children to a place where medical facilities are available
  5. Widow employee appointed on Compassionate basis
  6. Medical grounds for the diseases (either self or spouse or dependent children and dependent parents) of Cancer, Open Heart Operations.
  7. Neuro Surgery, Kidney Transplantation to places where such facilities available.
  8. While considering the request transfers based on above conditions, preference shall be given to the employee with the longest tenure at a particular duty station, seniority in the cadre and outstanding performance record.
In case of mutual. transfers, both the employees seeking transfer on mutual grounds shall have
complete th.ree (3) years of service at their present respective stations.
  • Transfers on mutual grounds or request grounds shall not be done between the offices located in same station
Therefore, the undersigned has decided the following procedure to submit Transfer applications through online in the cdrna website @www.cdma.ap.gov.in:-

  1. Eligible employee can apply transfer request through online only before 15.05.2018 as per following procedure:-
  2. Employee will fill all the relevant details in the Application Form available in www.cclma.ap.gov.in @ Transfer Application Form
  3. After entering details, a Unique Register Number (URN) will be generated to the employee (pop-up). .
  4. Accordingly, employee details will save in PDF format @ Details Saved successfu lly (pop-up).
  5. The employee can download the PDF document @ Edit (or) Download
  6. If employee revise certain details, he can edit the same by clicking Edit Option otherwise if he satisfies the details entered he can download the PDF document.
  7. After downloading the application form, the employee shall obtain the signature of Commissioner concerned with proper attestation.
  8. After obtaining the Commissioner signature, the document shall be scanned and uploaded in the website through his URN in the website of
  9. wvw.cdma.ap.~!.Ov.in @Upload Transfer Application form suocessfully (popup).

The Uploaded Application Forms will be scrutinised as per guidelines issued by the
Government and final orders will be issued basing on the instructions/guidel.ines issued by the
Government as follows:-
The MIS reports of uploaded applications from 05.05.2018 to 15.05.2018 shall be
generated and displayed through Login Credentials (User-ID & Password) to each Regional
Director offices (Visakhapatnam, Rajahmundry, Guntur and Ananthapur) as follows:-

  1. Day wise applications uploaded
  2. Municipality wise applications uploaded
  3. Region wise applications uploaded
  4. Category wise applications uploaded (To be displayed through their\ respective Login Credentials)
  5. Cumulative applications uploaded Etc.......
The Uploaded Application Forms will be scrutinised as per guidelines issued by the Government and the same shall be examined/scrutinized before 24.05.2018.

 The transfer orders shall be issued by the competent authority by 30.05.2018.

All the transferred employees shall join in the new places on or before 04.06.2018.
Therefore, all the RDMAs in the State are adhere the above instruction scrupulously and allow only onl ine appl ications for effecting transfers as per the guidel ines/instructions issued by the Government vide reference cited.
 Download Copy 

Muncipal Adminstration Official Website for Submit Transfer Application

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