Work Adjustment of Surplus subject Teachers Rc.No:1882 Dt:21/06/18

School Education -Teachers working in Government, Zilla Parishad , Mandal Oarishad-Work Adjustment of Surplus subject Teachers- To ensure 100% subject teachers in High schools/UP Schools-Certain Instructions-Issued Reg.

Govt, ZP, MP -Work Adjustment Rc.No:1882

                  The attention of the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Eduatioanl Officers in the State is invited to the references read above and they are informed that there are certain UP/High Schools with surplus subject Teachers and some of the Schools are not having at least one subject Teacher to teach the relevent subject. There is a need to place surplus subject teachers in the needy UP/High Schools as to improve learning outcomes.
                  In view of the above, all the District Educational Officers in the state are instructed to identify the schools without atleast one subject Teacher and UP/High Schools having surplus subject teachers. Further they are requested to take up the following steps to ensure postioning of at least one subject teachers into the needy High Schools/UP Schools.

  1. In the first instance surplus subject teacehrs should be adjusted in the needy High Schools
  2. In the second instance, if any of DEO Pool teacher including PETs already working in a particular school where there is no need as per norms he/she may be withdrawn and adjusted in needy High Schools
  3. In the third instance , utilize the services of subject teachers working in UP Schools where there is no optimum strenght in the Classes of VI and VII . They should be deputed on work adjustment in the needy High Schools.
  4. In the third instance, utilize the services of surplus Secondary Grade Teachers having requisite qualifications in that particular subject for placing on work adjustmetn in needy High School.
  5. All the nedy vacancies are to be filled with surplus teachers within the Mandal or neighbouring Mandals or within the divison. in exceptional cases, if any of the above polllibilities are not avialable within the divison then subject teachers may be posted out  of divison in needy High schools.
  6. Junior most teacher in the cadre should be deputred on work adjustment. if the senior willing to go he/she has to be given perefence.
  7. The work adjustment exercise should be completed on or before 30-06-2018 without fail
                    Therefore all the Disrtict Educatioanl Offciers are instructed to adhere to these instructions scrupulously. further they are requested to submit the particulars of working adjustment after completion of the process and any deviation in this aspect will be viewed seriously.
                      All the Regional Joint Director of School Eduation are requested to monitor closely the above process with the District Educational Offciers under their jurisdiction so that 100% subject teachers are ensured in High Schools. Compliance report may be submitted by 05-07-2018 without fail

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