Books Distribution and Acknowledga the Text Books through Books App Rc.No:645

Proceedings of the Commissioner of School Education 
Andhra Pradesh State :Amaravati
Present: K.Sandhya Rani , I.Po.S

Rc.No:645/Text Books-1/2018                                                                                Dt:03-07-2018

Sub: School Education -N.T. Books for the year 2018-19 -Monitoring of Texts Books Distribution 
         and Acknowledging the Text Books through Books App-Certain Instructions -Reg.

                 All the Regional Director of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State are informed that the Distribution of N.T Books is being monitored by Hon'ble Chief Ministers Office through core Board. In this connection the following are to be ensured and necessary actions has to be taken in this reagard.

  1. To ensure 100% Distribution of N.T Books to the School points againist the avilability at District Text Books Depots. To achieve this co-ordination is to be ensure with the Transport contractor who was already engaged. If necessary Mandal Educational Officers may be instructed to have their own mode of Transport to lift the Books from District Point to Mandal Point. Additional Transportation Charges if any will be paid by this office under proper justification in claim
  2. To ensure all Text books that are reached to Mandal Educational Point should be supplied to the schools immediately.
  3. The Books supplied to School point should be given to the Student immediately.
  4. To Acknowledge the Text Books through the Bio Metric Application
  5. Monitor the Acknoledge process closeley so as to refelect the Number of students who received the Books in the Hob'ble Chief Ministers core Dash Board
  6. The Mandal Educational Officers should ensure the NT Books Acknowledgment from all the Head Masters through biometric
  7. All Distrcit Eduational Officers should monitor closely the Acknowledgent submission in biometric application on or before 04-07-2018 by 3.00pm
  8. Users can Download from the link Download Applciation

NT Books Distribution Staus

Download NT Books Distribution Android App

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