Know Your NPS Transaction Statement

NPS Transaction Statement. in NPS Statement There are Six Blocks avilable Now we Discuss about Six Blocks
1.Subscriber Details:-
In this section, you will find your personal details, contact details, nominee details as well as your nodal office details. In addition to this, this section will also have the status of your account and period of Statement generated.
2.Summary of Investment:- In this section, you will find information of total pension amount,
contribution made and return generated (amount) during the period. You will also find the scheme details with percentage of allocation in each PFMs
3.Investment Details:- In this section, you will find the details of PFM wise contribution, total unit credit, latest NAV and most importantly, returns on your investment (XIRR) during the period.
4.Contribution/Redemption Details:- In this section, you will find details of fund uploaded by your office with type of transaction made (ie. Regular, Arrears etc). You can also find the bifurcation of your and Employers contribution.
5.Transaction Details:- In this section, you will find PFM wise details of contribution amount, NAV and units allocated. Particulars of transaction with date are also available in this section. Notes
The terms used in Transaction Statement are explained in detail in this section. This will help you to understand your NPS Transaction Statement better.
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