PRC 2015 Model PRC Arrear Bill Proceeding

Present : G.Govinda Rao

Progs.No.A1/CPS/PRC 2015                                                                       Dated:        .09.2018

Sub:Public Services - T & A Dept ., -Divisonal Sub Treasury, Vijayawada (West) - Sri B.Sateesh,               Senior Accountant , Divisonal Sub Treasury, Vijayawada(West) -Revised Pay Scales -2015                 Payment of arrears- Orders Issueed - Reagarding.

Ref:- 1) G.O.M.S.No:46 Finance(HRN. V-PC) Department Dated 30-04-2018
         2) G.O. M.S.No.98 Finance(PC, T A) Deparmtnment Dated : 26-06-2018

O R D E R:

                 In the reference 1st read above the Government of Andhr Pradesh ordered the separeate orders will be issued detailing the modeality for payment of arreares of salary in Revidsed Scales of Pay 2015 for the Period  from 06-06-2014 to 31-03-2015. As per the orders of the Governement of Andhra Pradesh., the PRC 2015 difference amount (CPS Amount Rs.7451.00, Cash Rs. 73,523.00) has not released for the above said period to Sri B.Sateesh, Senior Accountant, Divisonal Sub Treasury , Vijayawada (West)

              In the reference 2nd read above Government of Andhra Pradesh issued orders to pay the PRC arrears fot the period from 02-06-2014 to 31-03-2015 and also insturcted to credit (10%) of amount should credit to PRAN Number of the employees and remaining ninety percent (90% shall be paid in three instalments for those employees who covered under contributory Pension Scheme (CPS).

            As per the orders issued in reference 2nd read above, the above said amount is sanctioned to Sri B Sateesh, Senior Accountant, Divisional Sub Treasury, Vijayawada (West) who comes under Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS).

The PRC, 2015 arrears withdrawal details are given below:

S.No. CPS Adjustment Amount Cash Instalment No.1 Instalment No.2 Instalment No.3
1 7451.00 73523.00 24508.00 24508.00 24,507.00
                          The above individual informed that if any amount paid in excess of the eligible amoun, the same will be recovered from him in lumsum as and when such irregularity brought to light.

                                                                                        District Treasury Officer (FAC)
                                                                                           Divisional Sub Treasury
                                                                                                Vijayawada (West)

Sri Bs.Sateesh, Senior Accountant, Divisonal Sub Treasury, Vijayawada (West)
Copy to the A2, Accountant 
Copy to the Bill
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