Quality Education Bhasha Sangam Celebrating the Linguistic Diversity by Ek Bharat Sherestha Bharat from 20-11-18 to 21.12.2018 Rc.134

Sub:- APSSA, Amaravati  - Quality  Education  Bhasha Sangam Celebrating the Linguistic Diversity ollndia by Ek Bharat Sherestha Bharat from 20.1 L2018 to 21.12.2018 in various languages in India
Certain Instructions Issued.

Ref:- Guidelines of the MHRD Department of School Education, Government of India. New Delhi.

 Ek Bharat Sherestha Bharat from 20.1 L2018 to 21.12.2018 

  1. All the District Project Officers of SSA, District Educational Officers and Principal of DIETS in the State are informed that, the Government of India has decided to conduct of Bhasha Sangam" in India for celebrating the Linguistic Diversity of India from 20-ll-2018 to 2l-12-2018 in various languages and issued guidelines "Ek  Bharat Shrestha Bharat  as shown below:-
  2. The programme "Eft lJharat Shrestha Bharat" has been initiated to celebrate the spirit of national integration. Bhasha Sangam marks the unique symphony of Languages of our country and is an expression olour shared dreams, hopes and aspirations for one India. 
  3. India's richness is marked by her cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity. In order to celebrate these unique f'eatures of our country, the llhaslta Sanganl initiative under the l:.k Rharot Shrestha Bhorql ushers in a programme for schools and educational institutions to provide multilingual exposure to students in Indian languages listed in Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India. This initiative is  just  the beginning of a  journey meant to create interest in these languages and a curiosity to learn more. It will be lollowed by other activities subsequently.

Objectives of Bhasha Sangam:

  1. To introduce school students to all the 22lndran Languages of Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India.
  2. To enhance linguistic tolerance and respect, and promote national integration. 

Features of Bhasha Sangam:

This will be run by the State/UT Department of School Education.
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