SA - 1 Guidelines

Guidelines for Conduct of SA-I Examinations - 2018-19

• As per G. O. Ms. No. 62 School Education Dept, (Prog-II) dated 18.09.2018. SA-I Examinations will be conducted for class VI and X.
• SA-I Examination schedule i.e., from 12-11-2018 to 29-11-2018 to all schools.

District Educational Officer:
• Instruct all the Headmasters to take necessary actions for conducte of SA - 1 Examinations for Classes VI - X in all schools under all mancgments.
• DEO should take necessary precautions for strict maintaining of confidentiality at all levels.
• DEO should conduct mecting with all MEOs and Dy.EOs, SSA officials, DIET faculty to prepare a clear roadmap for smooth conduct of SA-I examination without any scope for malpractices.
• Instruct all the MEOs to constitute mandal level three member committee to moniter the examinations.
• DEO should constitute a district level team to monitor conduct of SA-I examinations with MEOs and Dy.EOs, SSA officials, DIET faculty in their respective districts.
• Leakage of Question Papers, Mass Coping and other Malpractices should be avoided at all levels.
• DEO should instruct the DECB Secretary to take care for supplying of Question
Papers to Mandal point.

Mandal Educational Officer:
• MEO is held responsible to keep all these Question Papers in the strong room. Class IX and X question papers should be kept at MEO office and distribute these question paper One hour before the examination.
MEO should inform all the School Complex Headmasters to receive Question Papers of Class VI, VII and VIII and to preserve the confidential material at their respectivce School Complex.
MEO should not give all the question papers at a time.
The MEO should constitute mandal level three member committee to moniter the examinations.

School Complex Headmaster:
• Class VI - VIII Question papers should be  distributed by the School Complex Headmaster.
• The School Complex Headmaster preserve the Question Papers in Iron safe.
• The School Complex Headmaster distribute Question Papers to all the schools one hour before the examination by utilizing the services of Cluster Resource Persons.
• The School Complex Headmaster is held responsible to maintain strict confidentiality.
• This should be done every day by the School Complex Headmaster till the
completion of examinations.
• Headmaster is the first level monitoring officers for smooth conduct of summative examination without any deviations.
• Headmaster should verify seals of the question paper bundles at the time receiving from the Cluster Resource Person.
• Headmaster should receive class IX and X question paper from MEO and Class VI. VII and VIII questions paper from the School Complex Headmaster.
 SA Assessment Guidelines 

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