–Rationalization of Drawing and Disbursement Officers of Tribal Welfare Department – Financial Powers relating to maintenance of Tribal Welfare Educational Institutions Rc.17021

Sub :- TWD –   Education – O/o DTW, AP, Vijayawada –Rationalization of Drawing and  Disbursement Officers of Tribal Welfare Department – Financial Powers   relating to maintenance of Tribal Welfare Educational Institutions (Hostels,   Ashram Schools and Post-Matric College Hostels) – Declaring the ATWOs as   Drawing and Disbursement Officers – Request of the TW Teachers for excluding   Ashram Schools form the purview of G.O.Ms.No.132 - Necessary orders – Requested   – Reg.

  1.  I invite kind attention of the Government to the references cited above. 
  2. In response to the note issued in the reference 1 st  cited, it is to submit that, in the reference 2 nd  cited, the Finance Department has requested all the departments of Secretariat to issue necessary instructions to the HoDs under their administrative control to examine the feasibility of reducing the number of DDOs and requirement from unit level to HoD and furnish proposals for rationalization of number of DDOs to Government in Finance Department by 11 th January, 2016 to issue necessary orders which will be effective from 1 st  April, 2016.
  3. In view of the above, the Social Welfare Department vide G.O.Ms.No.66 Social Welfare(EDN-1) Dept., Dt.18.05.2018 has rationalized the DDOs of Social Welfare Department by withdrawing the Drawing and Disbursing powers of HWOs and declaring the ASWOs as DDOs. 
  4. Further, vide G.O.Ms.No.7 Backward Classes Welfare(E) Dept., Dt.28.05.2018, has withdrawn the Drawing and disbursing powers of HWOs duly declaring the ABCWOs as DDOs for the Hostels under their jurisdiction in order to facilitate the distribution of budget to the ABCWOs and to enable them to incur expenditure under the Head of account (07) Govt., Hostels and (22) College Hostels for Boys and Girls.
  5. In view of the decision of the Social Welfare and BC Welfare departments for rationalization of the DDOs, the Tribal Welfare Department also submitted proposal to the Government vide reference 6 th  cited for rationalization of the DDOs by declaring the ATWOs as DDOs. The Government issued G.O.Ms.No.132 Social Welfare(TW.Edn.1) Dept., Dt.14.08.2018 with the concurrence of Finance department withdrawing the Drawing Powers of HMs/HWOs of Tribal Welfare Department and declared the ATWOs of Tribal Welfare Department as Drawing and Disbursing Officer to the Hostels and Ashram Schools under their jurisdiction, to meet the expenditure under (05) Educational Institutions thereby reducing the DDOs and for ensuring the smooth functioning of the Education system.
  6. Accordingly, vide reference 8th  cited, the CEO, APCFMS, Ibrahimpatnam was requested to map the DDOs in the CFMS as per the above said GO.

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