Annual Status of Education Report( Rural) 2018

About ASER 2018

ASER 2018 is a nation-wide household survey that provides a snapshot of children’s schooling and learning for a representative
sample of children across rural India. Children in the age group 3 to 16 are surveyed to find out their enrollment status ins chool or pre-school. Children in the age group 5 to 16 are assessed one-on-one to understand their basic reading and
arithmetic abilities. ASER continues to be the only national source of information about children’s foundational skills across the country.

The methodology and content of ASER 2018 continues the pattern followed each year for the first decade of our existence (2005-2014), during which ASER reached almost all rural districts in India and generated district, state, and nationale stimates of foundational reading and arithmetic abilities of children in the age group 5 to 16 years.

A national survey was not conducted in 2015. Starting its second decade of existence in 2016, ASER surveys now use Census 2011 as the sampling frame. In addition, in 2016 ASER changed to an alternate-year cycle, conducting the ‘basic’
ASER in one year and using a different lens to examine new aspects of children’s learning the following year. Thus, ASER 2016 followed the ‘basic’ model, sampling children age 3 to 16 and testing reading, arithmetic, and English for children
age 5 to 16. In 2017 we conducted the first alternate-year design known as ASER ‘Beyond Basics’, focusing on youth in the14 to 18 age group in 28 districts across India. ASER 2017 inquired about what youth are currently doing and aspiring to,in addition to assessing their foundational skills and their ability to apply these to everyday tasks. In 2018, ASER returns once again to the ‘basic’ model. A total of 546,527 children in the age group 3 to 16 years weres Surveyed this year. ASER 2018 is the thirteenth ASER report
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