Atal Tinkaring Lab User Manual and Hand Book

Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) are designated 1500 sqft. spaces, with state-of-the-art facilities, set aside for creating something new, a space for innovating and providing solutions for problems faced by individuals and communities. One of the larger aims of the ATLs is to create a pool of talent that is future ready, by introducing and
exposing young innovators to essential world skills; to get them to think out of the box, and break boundaries—and make something unique in the process!
On a broader canvas, the objective is to help instil a ‘maker’ spirit in young people, by providing opportunities for working outside the classroom, using hands-on experimentation and collaboration with
the latest technology, and designing it to provide much needed solutions. The program aims to bring the do-it-yourself culture to the forefront, encourage and motivate students to become solution providers and get engaged in self-learning that will not only lead to the development of higher order thinking skills, but
may eventually lead to discoveries, innovations and inventions.

About the book :

This book has been created keeping in mind these over-arching objectives of creating an innovation ecosystem in our country and providing opportunities to young minds to make them future skills ready.

The aim of this book is to provide the user - teachers & students with content which has been curated and collated as per the aim of the ATLs. The expectation is that schools can make use of this content as it is, and refer to it to begin with their tinkering journey. This content is not completely exhaustive; rather it aims
to provide a direction to lead the students and teachers towards exploring their own interests & passion, raising their upper limits and creating multiple paths for further enhancement of their existing skill sets. The assumption is that users will continue to add more content in their labs in their quest for learning new
things, and discovering novel concepts as they proceed to different levels.

The core guiding principles for this content are being objective and ensuring clarity of concepts along with providing ample hands-on activities for practical know-how.
Who is the audience for this book?
• ATL in-charge teacher and all other teachers
• Students in ATL schools
• Parents
• Mentors
 Atal User Manual
 Atal Hand Book 

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